Where does the cryptocurrency community differ with him?

Co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterina recent request from the crypto community at Twitter On what topics do you disagree with him? Some of the most prominent developers and researchers in Ethereum took the opportunity to express their opinions.

Source: Vitalik Buterin / Twitter

The A question From Buterin on Twitter: “What do you not agree with me about?”

Developer Tim Beko to me announce He disagreed with the co-founder of Ethereum about “how quickly we can achieve certain things.” He added that he feared, for example, that developers “will not be able to develop a privacy-friendly solution quickly enough.”

“It is very unlikely that anything that is not proprietary by default will work IMO for the vast majority of users and the time frame for implementing a proper solution is very short,” Beiko added.

Polynya, an Ethereum pseudonym researcher, appears to disagree with Buterin on the topic of “soul tokens,” tokens that cannot be sold or separated from their owners.

Mr. Buterin has been talking a lot about this type of symbol lately. After initially exploring the idea in a blog post earlier this year, he co-wrote a research paper in mid-May discussing how Soulbound Non-Transferable Tokens (SBTs) could create a richer and more pluralistic ecosystem in the world. Within Ethereum, it is called a “Decentralized Society” (DeSoc). Buterin considers that spirit tokens can encode trust in social relationships.

However, Polynya argued that “identity and reputation are complex and subjective variables that can never be adequately described by numbers on the blockchain,” adding that SBTs will have a very limited use case.

Others have also focused on SBTs:

Eric Connerproduct manager at a blockchain startup prognosisHe argued that Buterin’s focus on cryptocurrency gambling could harm the industry, as it “feeds” the public perception that the industry resembles a similar gambling scam.

Anthony SassanoEthereum educator and blog founder Daily Joywrote that Buterin should not give its endorsement to the most popular “memecoin” on the market, Dogecoin (DOGE).

Hudson JamesonMeanwhile, the lead developer of Ethereum said that Buterin’s refusal to speak publicly on political matters does not make his stance neutral, but “gives more legitimacy to aggressors and oppressors.”

Mariano ContiHead of the Smart Contracts Department at Maker FoundationHe touched on the topic of immortality.

In a June 2021 interview with Computer Scientist and YouTuber Lex FriedmanButerin claimed that humans can live forever. “I definitely think we can make it happen,” he said at the time.

“(…) As I got older, I began to come to terms with the fact that we only existed on this planet for a short time, hoping to live happy and productive lives, and then make way for new generations,” announce Mariano.

And the sante seri From Evidence of humanity Glimpse into the story of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges which describes the “immortals as monsters in which time and language ultimately fail”.

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