Bitcoin (BTC) Loss: How to Get Your Lost Wallets Back?

With Bitcoin (BTC) selling for $44,445.46 per unit (Source: Coingecko March 6, 2022), losing Bitcoin would be the last thing an investor would want. But just in case, here are some tips to get your wallets back.

Send Bitcoin (BTC) to an unverified address

Our recent bitcoin loss post discussed two possibilities: sending assets to an unverified address and losing access to a wallet. For the first scenario, the permanent loss of angles There is no going back. For the second, this is not the case.

Irrevocable, because it means you sent your assets to a wallet that you don’t have a key and password for. This is called redirecting to an unverified address.

However, there are “unverified” addresses that give you some semblance of access. of between it guard guard (or custodian wallets) such as debit accounts trade. Imagine a series of vaults, these represent the addresses that belong to the exchange. You can rent one with key and password. However, the exchange can also access this treasury.

Not your keys, not your coins (Not your keys, not your encryption), as the saying goes.

After you accidentally send your coins to the wrong address, you can track the transaction ID on Localbitcoinchain, for example. From there, you will have information about the recipient of your bitcoins.

Losing Bitcoins (BTC) and Recovering Lost Wallet

For those running a Bitcoin node, there is a good chance that the Bitcoin blockchain copy is asynchronous. If so, you need to wait for it to sync with the rest of the network and download the latest block. Why can’t you see a file angles in your wallet.

Restore wallet.dat . file

In case of accidental deletion of the file wallet.datFirst, find it in the trash. If you have Linux, you will most likely find it in the manual .bitcoin / wallets. In general, the file browser shows hidden files knowing that the directory .bitcoin is hidden. If you get lost, go straight to /home/username/.bitcoin/wallets.

After that, it is better to install Bitcoin Core on your new computer. This will precede the file copy wallet.dat in the guide .bitcoin Under a home directory in Linux. If you are using Windows, this file will be hidden in the hidden directory Application information.

Use appropriate software

Otherwise, this other alternative will come in handy for you: a recovery program similar to Recuva. Generally, it can analyze the hard drive and then recover the deleted files. Thanks to Recuva, you will be able to recover data from a formatted hard drive.

Once you find your deleted wallet, remember to save it to a USB key or to a private cloud. If you get your private key using the command ” empty wallet ” From Bitcoin-cliJust write it down on a piece of paper before storing it in a safe place.

Note that those who use a file wallet exit You have a chance to recover it from the restore link sent via email.

Of course, major accidents such as a problem starting your computer can occur. What do you do in this situation? For example, use a Linux Live DVD or a Live USB key to access the hard drive. Once in, you will just have to find the file wallet.dat in the guide Application information From Windows or in the directory .bitcoin Linux.

Bitcoin (BTC) lost and hardware wallet recovery

In most cases, investors who have chosen not to manage their own nodes Hardware wallets Or cold wallet. One of the best tools to store and avoid losing bitcoins.

Ledger Nano S

If you lose your Ledger Nano or Trezor hardware wallet, rely on the initialization statement mentioned in the recovery sheet. Usually, it is delivered simultaneously with the delivery of your wallet.

be careful : If there is no initialization phrase for your wallet, your coins are lost forever.

To deal with the loss of bitcoin in your hardware wallet:

  • Take the new Nano S and press the two buttons that appear on its upper parts;
  • Then press the button corresponding to “X” after asking to confirm the configuration as a new device;
  • If the system asks you to restore the configuration, select the button corresponding to the check mark;
  • Enter a new PIN and wholesale seed.

Thus, you will regain access to a file bitcion . wallet.

When things go wrong and you are dealing with losing bitcoin, this article will be of utmost importance to you. From now on, double your caution and make sure that this kind of problem does not arise.

Source: CoinMarketCap

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