Railsbank becomes Railsr and intends to customize the financial layer of the Internet

The leading Fintech company transcends financial technology and is committed to a future where any brand or company running on Railsr can strategically leverage embedded financial expertise to become the future of consumer lending.

Railsr launches reward offer and announces partnerships with AWS and Salesfo

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LondonAnd the 7 June 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading integrated financial experiences platform, Railsbank, has rebranded to Railsr and launched a rewards offering, meaning it is ready to create and deliver a consumer financial experience for the next evolution.

Integrated financial expertise

Railsr is the world’s first integrated platform that goes beyond financial technology to enable any brand or company, for example in sports, retail, travel and e-commerce, to use integrated financial expertise as a strategic tool to improve customer relationships, revenue, rewards and relevance.

The Railsr platform contains all the technologies, product capabilities, processes, and regulatory authorizations needed to enable brands to create and integrate financial experiences, quickly, easily, and in a timely manner, into their existing customer journey, where they have the greatest impact.

Railsr now has more than 250 business-to-business (B2B) customers and 5.5 million accounts, with existing customers including Foris, Paceline, Plum, Wirex and Wagestream — the first customer registered in 2018. Strategic partners now include AWS and Salesforce and Visa, Mastercard, and Plaid.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has raised more than $100 million in equity financing and has the support of major investors, including Visa. In addition, the company is now a global platform serving global and regional clients with offices in the UK (Headquarters), Europein the APAC region and the United States.

positive disturbance

Now is the time to take the next step in Railsr’s journey as critical market trends converge: accelerating digital transformation, increasing consumer demand for experiences, and continually evolving beyond Banking as a Service (BaaS) to deeper integrated financial experiences, a market of nearly 800 billion dollars in revenue worldwide.

Over the past six years, Railzer has built a platform, based on a suite of integrated financial products, that enables any brand or company to make financing an exceptional experience in their existing customer journey. Alongside banking, wallets, credit, cards and statements, Railsr has now launched a rewards offering, which complements its suite of financial products – making it the first integrated package of individual sellers in the integrated financial experience market.

Co-Founder and CEO Nigel Verdon said: “In our rapidly changing world characterized by extraordinary customer experiences, the finance industry has failed to evolve. We are the “experienced people” who advocate for different thinking to create positive disruption. As the world’s leading integrated financial experiences platform, the Operating on Railsr helps brands put customers at the heart of their business by making financing an important engagement tool that drives revenue and deepens relationships. We changed our name to Railsr, and we make financing an exceptional experience.”

“The world has reached an inflection point. A time of radical digital transformation. Working on Railsr helps our clients enhance relationships, revenue, rewards and relevance to their customers. We are here to support them at every step of their journey in their integrated financing experience, from prototyping to launch and eventually global expansion. . »

Opportunities and market research

According to an industry expert Simon Torrensthe rapidly growing integrated financial economy – insurance, integrated lending and payments – will be worth $7.2 trillion in market capitalization in 2030, twice the current value of the world’s 30 largest banks and insurance companies.

Recently, Railsr partnered with the World Retail Congress to issue a report on the shopping behaviors and habits of four distinct consumer segments that emerged after the shutdown: digital newcomers, followers, ethical consumers, and thrill seekers. According to this report, retailers must be prepared to deliver consumer experiences to these key groups. The report also found significant shifts in consumer attitudes, as evidenced by the fact that 73% of the UK’s shopping search growth on Google came from new or rarely searched terms.

Research by Railsr has found an increase in consumer demand for new and improved financial experiences and better rewards. The study found that 39% of consumers want access to financial services such as credit, loans or investments from brands they love and trust; This percentage increases to 51% between 18-24 years old. Meanwhile, 41% would be interested in a credit card that offers early access to tickets, exclusive offers or other high-value rewards from their favorite luxury brand.

Recent Developments

The company has announced several strategic steps to support growth and build expertise in the retail and sports sector, including the appointment of the former England rugby captain and current mentor to the England rugby team, Will Carlingan OBE and former Formula 1 board advisor, John Hall.

About Railzer

In our rapidly changing world characterized by extraordinary customer experiences, the finance industry has failed to evolve. We advocate a different way of thinking. As the world’s leading integrated financial experiences platform, we help brands put customers at the heart of their business by making finance an essential engagement tool that drives revenue and deepens relationships.

Nigel Verdon, CEO and Co-founder of Railsr at Money20/20 Europe (PRNewsfoto/Railsr)

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