Anonymous Twitter account vibrates ‘crypto influencers’

An anonymous account (@adyingnobody) announced that on June 15th it will reveal the private conversations of crypto influencers (some of whom post more than 1 million likes). Followers). information or fruits, the information promised by the whistleblower will be explosive.

Bitcoin, Sheetcoiner and Scammer

The topic posted on Twitter claims that 137.21 GB of chats and messages from Telegram groups will be posted over the next few weeks. The supposed informant clarifies that he is not part of these conversations, which he would have had thanks to a flaw that allows him to absorb Telegram chats without being a part of them.

At the time of this writing, the Telegram team has been contacted regarding this (bug). I know two other people have already mentioned this flaw in the past […] », is it written. This defect consists of “Re-create an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group without actually joining said group.”

The whistleblower reportedly began collecting messages in October 2019 using a script that automatically downloads messages from targeted individuals, including “Cryptographic influencers” :

Spying on the most famous traders in the cryptocurrency community has become a hobby. I was able to follow personal events in their lives that they shared with their close friends, but also all the “tricks” (gimmicks) and other “rug-pulling” (selling shitcoin after making it go viral on social networks). »


“I felt part of their circle, even though there was no way to interact with them. I became wealthy at the same time that they became wealthy. […]I’ve seen artists pretending to be developers and developers pretending to be artists. There are those who pretend to be rich, those who pretend to be poor, those who pretend they are not.[…]. »

The whistleblower states that he is dying and wishes to do so “Free of this guilt”… According to him, these discoveries are so dangerous that many crypto projects are underway “You will not survive it.”

This information, which must be disclosed as of June 15, relates to excerpts from conversations of crypto influencers with between 800 and 1 million Followers. These conversations contain discussions tainted with “Racism and homophobia that combine sexual assault and regulation pumping and discharging From chetcoins intended to defraud the community between December 2019 and February 2022.”

More talks will be published on June 30 according to him and this time it will be interested in the creators of projects that are in the top 200 companies in terms of market capitalization, in particular projects “Yield farming, stablecoins, market automation, all designed from the ground up to take money out of small people.”

What is even more shocking is that the conversations will also be reported “Inviting orgies in private planes, in mansions, in virtual reality environments”. but also “Rape, child sexual abuse, three assassinations (coordinated by Telegram) and collusion with Twitter employees to delete and/or ban accounts containing compromised information.”

There are many who hope to lift the veil from the world chitcoin and vile beings whose “projects” are only intended to extract money from the masses, as we witnessed a sad demonstration again withstablecoin US dollar tera.

But the lack of confidence. It can also be a massive trap for spreading computer viruses. Do not click on this file. If all of this is true, professionally mined information will spread all over Twitter soon enough.

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