Crypto Weekly #161 – News of the Week on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Week 09/06 in brief – news about Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies are in constant turmoil. Important information can get lost in the daily flow of information and miss important points.

This format exists to remedy that. We return to last week’s Hebdo Crypto news to update you on the current state of cryptocurrencies.

news summary

Global US Investors Just Bought Half a Million Dollars in Grayscale Bitcoin Credits. A surprising event, knowing that the company was mainly famous for its investment in precious metals such as gold.

Uniswap faces US regulators. The US Securities and Exchange Commission launched a Investigate Uniswap Labs, with the aim of understanding how it works and how to promote the platform. This investigation clearly does not imply wrongdoing on the part of the DEX developers.

Bitcoin miners have never made much money. In fact, miners’ income for each increase in spread force has never been greater thanAfter the mining ban in China.

Pancakeswap is about to launch its own NFT platform. To celebrate the launch, it will be possible to mint NFT with image exchange mascot. Good news for holders of CAKE tokens, as every CAKE spent creating an NFT will be destroyed, reducing the circulating supply.

Bitfinex takes security tokens. with its platform Bitfinex SecuritiesThe company wants to be empowered Small and medium-sized companies To list their stock, bond or token money. This will also allow them to raise funds.

▶ An interview between Benoit and Pierre Noizat, CEO of Paymium to discuss Bitcoin and its future.

5 week metrics

3.16 billion dollarsit’s the Volume Recorded by NFT Opensea Sales Platform in August. It’s a feat that could be renewed in September, with the platform already totaling more than $1 billion in just ten days.

Monthly NFT Market Size – Source: The Block

350,000it’s the number of merchants who saw them Positions liquidated during the Bitcoin flash crash. As a reminder, while El Salvador has just adopted Bitcoin as its national currency along with the dollar, BTC has seen a 10% flash drop In a few hours.

350,000 traders saw their positions liquidate during the rapid Bitcoin (BTC) crash
Traders liquidated positions during the Bitcoin flash crash

$150that it The The average amount you have to pay on Ethereum to be able to interact with a smart contract. The rise in transaction fees, mostly due to the NFT craze, has caused significant network congestion.

10 millionit’s the Number of users registered per month with the Metamask wallet. Register, enabled in particular by the advent of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the NFT ecosystem.

The evolution of the number of monthly active users on MetaMask which finally reached 10 million in August 2021
Evolution of the number of monthly active users on MetaMask – Source: Metamask

25 million dollarsit’s the Amount Raised by Simba Chain Startup. This Series A funding round will focus on emerging opportunities, such as NFTs.

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Tweet of the week

second tier solutions on Ethereum democratization continues. Ten days after its release, control Already reached more than 100 million dollars in the deposited value.

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