Olympus has been talked about, the NFT P2E game similar to Clash Royale

If you’re a fan of PvP-style 3D Tower Rush games, then the name Clash Royale probably means something to you already. After all, it’s arguably the most popular Tower Rush game, with over 500 million downloads (and more).

Now think of Clash Royale’s free-to-play model and gameplay based on Greek mythology, then add a financially rewarding (P2E) play to it, and voila! There you have Olympus!

With the support it was able to get from major investors, Olympus has already established itself as one of the most promising P2E NFT games of 2022. As expected, the token’s ongoing ICO. buzz.

If you are thinking of participating in the OLYMP ICO with dollars or experiencing the game firsthand, then it is hoped that this objective review will help clear your doubts.

What is the Olympus game?

Olympus is a 3D Tower Rush game based on Greek mythology. It promises to offer fast and immersive online gameplay that requires real-time strategy. It is based on the BNB chain and will soon be available for both mobile and desktop users.

the way of playing

Your main objective in the game is to destroy the pillars of your opponents temples while protecting your own. The short video below will allow you to discover the principle of the game.

Each player composes their deck of eight cards, which they can use to destroy enemy temples. If you want to participate in the P2E part of the game, you must first purchase a P2E starter booster using your OLYMP dollar reserve. The eight cards of the first deck are identical for all players.

Each victory will bring you huge rewards in the form of in-game $OLYMPG tokens. The number of $OLYMPG you receive depends on the level you play (the higher the level, the higher the reward).

After every sixth victory, you earn a chest. These chests can contain cards to upgrade your existing characters or unlock new ones. With each evolution of the card, you can improve your characteristics. However, if you wish, you can also resell these cards by choosing to stay at the same level you were previously.

Free to play

If you do not want to participate in a P2E game, you can still enjoy the game for free. In this case, you do not need to buy a P2E booster. However, you will have to play in the free play arena against other players who have chosen the same formula.

But wait, that’s not all.

During the game, if you wish, you can also borrow cards or decks from the Olympus Game Exchange Marketplace. By doing this, you will improve your status and you will also be able to play against players in P2E.

You do not need huge investments to borrow cards from the stock market. However, you may need to share a portion of your $OLYMPG token rewards with the lender after each win.

Olympus gets a 10% commission on every USDA OLYMPG token you win with a loan card.

Several possible options to increase your income

The P2E aspect of the game is far from one-dimensional, which means there are many other ways to win more than just fights. For example, you can rent your cards to other players in the market. You can also upgrade your cards with regular wins and then resell those cards.

Olympus team and its investors

Unlike most other projects in the blockchain/crypto space, the Olympus team has evaluated themselves in order to ensure the optimum level of transparency. As you can see, the team seems to be made up of several seasoned professionals with a lot of experience in the gaming industry.

The team also claims to have partnered with a “game studio that has been in existence for over 15 years and has completed over 450 projects.”

Likewise, it is worth noting that the project was backed by BD Multimedia, a France-based company that got the best-performing stocks from the Paris Stock Exchange last year.

In short, Olympus ticks all the boxes when it comes to its team and the investors who support the project.

A game focused on esports competition

The Olympus team offers an ambitious roadmap to fans who enjoy participating in major esports competitions. The game also aspires to be the first P2E title to offer big rewards for esports.

Olympus claims that it has already allocated $50 million in Olympus tokens as rewards for esports competitions. If we take the base price of the token at the end of the ICO, $50 million from OLYMP equates to roughly $4 million.

This is the base price only. The team is confident that this amount will prove to be much greater given the fact that the dollar price of OLYMP can rise significantly once the game is launched and when it breaks into key markets.

Olympus symbols

Olympus has two codes, both based on the BNB chain:

  • Olympus dollars: As mentioned earlier, $OLYMP is a governance token within the Olympus ecosystem. This is a versatile token that you can use to purchase a P2E Booster package, vote in community decision-making processes, purchase NFTs from the in-game non-fungible token market, and earn rewards from staking, among others.
  • OlympG dollars: This is an in-game P2E token that you can earn by winning battles. You can then use your stock of OLYMPG dollars to buy chests or upgrade cards. You will also earn OLYMPG dollars when someone wins a battle using a kit they borrowed through the scholarship program. Note that new players will need to win at least 20 games and wait 12 days to receive the OLYMPG rewards dollars in their wallets.

$OLYMP tokens and their ICO

Source: Olympus.game

It appears that the Olympus team has formulated a well-calibrated acquisition roadmap to ensure healthy and sustainable growth of the Olympus token dollar price over the long term.

Acquisition details:

Selling Financing and Private ICO 10% in Token Generation Event (TGE) + 0.15% unlocked every day
launcher 10% in Token Generation Event (TGE) + 0.15% unlocked every day
Staking rewards Booking month, written maturity in 36 months
Game broadcasts 1 month booking, 12 months linear acquisition
Consultants 6-month reservation, written maturity in 18 months
team wallet 12 months insurance, 24 months linear maturity
ecosystem finance 2 weeks of blocking then weekly linear acquisition in 12 months
Liquidity no possession
esports rewards No takeover, for winners: 10% TGE + 0.15% issue per day
Source: Olympus.game

OLYMP ICO $ . Details

The first phase of the three-stage ICO for the $OLYMP token was launched on April 30, 2022. For the first 72 hours, it was only accessible to whitelisted users, and then the investment window closed. open to all. Know Your Customer (KYC) process is mandatory for all investors. At $0.05 per token, the goal from the first stage is to get $500,000.

The second phase will begin on May 30 with a target of $1 million at $0.065 per token. The Know Your Customer process is also mandatory at this point.

For these two stages, it is necessary to connect your wallet to the $OLYMP ICO page and provide your KYC data.

The third stage corresponds to the public tour and does not require participation in the KYC programme. The goal of this round is to get $1 million at $0.08 per token.

As you can see, with promising gameplay, plenty of player-earning opportunities, and healthy looking tokens, Olympus games look like a good futuristic NFT P2E title.

Of course, the game is still in development and we will wait for the official launch to form a more informed opinion about its long-term potential. But for now, the outlook looks promising.

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, the Olympus White Paper is a good place to start. You can also join the Olympus community on Discord to follow the news and receive regular updates.

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