Hackers Helped Him Find Lost Bitcoins (BTC)

Rhonda Cambert was lucky enough to buy 3 bitcoins while the coin was buying at $80. This is really “lucky” because on this day the price of BTC once again broke the $30,000 mark.

Cryptocurrency market crisis obligates, some believe that Bitcoin lost forever after hitting half of its ATH record. How short is their memory: have they forgotten that 9 years ago, the crypto queen was trading under $100?

Other than that, to change the tune a bit on Cointribune, here is the story of Rhonda Kambert who took advantage of the help of some hacker to find lost bitcoins.

Rhonda Cambert, Early Adopt Bitcoin

Cambert’s adventure with ” cipher king It dates back to 2013. Here’s how she first explained her debut:

I used to listen to a talk show on the radio and they started talking about cryptocurrency and bitcoin so I got interested. The purchase was very complicated at the time, but I stumbled and bought my parts. »

A year after first acquiring bitcoin, this Illinois resident spent some of his crypto holdings and forgot the rest existed. That even…

The presses reflected a massive rise in the price of bitcoin in 2017: $20,000 a coin, or a profit of $19,920 per coin. What does Rhonda wake up from her sleep and come back in front of the screen to reassess her assets?

But since life has a habit of giving us cold baths, Americans have come to a dead end. the reason ? There is no specific contact information for him bitcoin wallet.

With a little memorization gymnastics, you will be able to understand the extent of the damage. If not, take a look at our article about addresses and keys (private, public).

she says:

I then realized that my printout was missing some numbers at the end of my wallet ID. I had a piece of paper with my password on it but I had no idea who my wallet was. It was awful. I’ve tried everything for months, but it was hopeless. So I kind of gave up. »

Surrender until Bitcoin trades at $50,000

How can you resist such temptation if you know you have some corners in your life Pocket wallet. At that time, in the spring of 2021, bitcoin was selling 600 times more than what Rhonda Kambert was paying 8 years ago.

Once again, she brainstormed to come up with a radical solution: finding “professionals” to recover lost bitcoins. Which brings him to Brooks, the crypto treasure hunter.

After chatting with them online for a while, I trusted them enough to give them all the details I could remember. Then I waited. In the end, we all sat together on a video call and watched everything happen. Chris opened the wallet and there he is. I felt so relieved I rejoiced.

3.5 bitcoins were released that day, to the delight of Rhonda, Chris and Charlie Brook. Because the first one has finally found the lost bitcoins and the other two will get a good commission.

I gave Chris and Charlie 20% and then the first thing I did was withdraw $10,000 from my coins to help my daughter Megan get into college. »

The rest is kept in hardware wallet, a security device that allows you to find lost bitcoins in record time in the event of a malfunction. But know that the security level of a hardware wallet is very high if it is purchased new.

Why didn’t she squander her property? Because bitcoin is able to provide happy days for its owners. We wrote about a good retirement formula that goes with cryptocurrency and BTC: Here it is.

Rhonda Cambert, left. Source: BBC

Thousands of Ronda want their bitcoins back

Yes, similar cases, it should take place in all the streets of the world. Chainalysis estimates that of the 19 million bitcoins in circulation, at least 3.7 million are lost.

Who is responsible for that? Nobody, since the decentralized world has wiped out the blockchain on trusted third parties. Therefore, vigilance is essential. Take a look at this article that holds some timeless tips.

From father to son, Brooks estimates that services like them allow them to recover about 2.5% of their lost BTC. That’s about $3.9 billion handed over to a little unfortunate. Also imagine their earnings with 20% commission: $4 billion x 0.2 =?

chris brook fire Crypto Asset Recovery In 2017, with computers capable of using hundreds of thousands of possible combinations to find bitcoins via identifiers or passwords. Except that at the time, losing BTC was not uncommon. As a result, he turned to other promising projects.

A company that was struggling to get off the ground

But it didn’t take long for them to find themselves face to face with their first clients, including Rhonda Kambert, who was struggling to find lost bitcoins on her own. A relaunch of the project was quickly scheduled with his 20-year-old son in 2021.

I was on vacation from college, had a few trips, but was just home doing workshops on the idea of ​​working with my dad. We had the idea to restart work, so for the next few weeks we brought the servers inside and restarted everything. Charlie Brook explains.

Bitcoin ATH in November 2021 ensured that Crypto Asset Recovery It was running at full speed: 100 emails and calls a day. Now that the price is down, it’s sort of stopped in their workshop in an oceanfront New Hampshire home.

But the way things are, Charlie risks dropping out of school for good and giving up on his dream of becoming a computer science graduate. And the fact that they often succeed in their moves — 30% of the time needed to find lost bitcoins on average is enough — does not help get Son Brooke back to the university benches.

Teen Brooke tells:

Most of the time, we can’t tell what’s inside the wallet. So we have to trust the customer to know that there is an amount worth the work we do. We had a case this summer where the person told us he had 12 bitcoins. »

Then continue:

We were obviously very professional with him, but behind the computer screen, we were congratulating each other, all excited about the potential winnings. We spent probably 60 hours on the server computer and about 10 hours with the client putting together all the clues he could give us. Then, during the video call, we opened it – and it was completely blank. »

During the intervention, Chris and Charlie admitted that no one seemed ready to give up their lost bitcoins for good. In addition, their operations to find the already lost bitcoins led to the reopening of the Pocket wallet It contains a booty of $280,000. Other wallets contained much more, 7-digit bitcoins.

Charlie and Chris Brook. Source: BBC

hack computers

Father and son Brooke have done a good job of being active in this growing sector. In fact, they were called Ethical hackers (Ethical hackers), those who put their skills at the service of people who want to find lost bitcoins or cryptocurrencies.

In addition, some names stand out in this environment. To name only Joe Grand, who started hacking as a teenager. But he was able to distinguish himself from the crowd after testifying before the US Senate in 1998 about the Internet’s first vulnerabilities under his pseudonym Kingpin.

Recently, he posted a video on YouTube showing how he opened a file hardware wallet It contains $2 million of a cryptocurrency called Theta.

Several months of preparation and hacking exercises on other hardware wallets have allowed him to identify a good way to satisfy customers wanting to find their bitcoins. His office is also a workshop located in his home in Portland.

For the $2 million case, he had to combine previously discovered vulnerabilities with hardware wallet in the question. Carefully timed electric shocks are way unimaginable.

Joe Grand, the man in the double hats who knows how to find lost bitcoins

Joe explains:

When you crack a cryptocurrency wallet, I mean when you really breach any security, it feels like magic no matter how many times you do it. Although I have proven to many in my tests that I can hack this wallet, I was worried that day because you never know what will happen and we only have one chance, if not everything may break and the parts will be lost forever. »

Opening the wallet was an adrenaline rush. I think it’s like an artistic version of a treasure hunt ‘, he adds.

Now Joe Grand is educating manufacturers of hardware wallet To better secure their products against hackers. At the same time, he developed this wallet opening project with Dan Reich as his first client.

It ends with this:

If there were wallets and lockers big enough for me to spend my time in, we’d give it a try. »

At the end of this presentation and this authentic adventure, we will say that it is not necessary to make all hackers feel guilty. Despite the horrific hacking stories, there are ethical hackers who can find your lost bitcoins in no time.

Source: BBC

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