Kankan: 15 Young Entrepreneurs Receive Funding From FONIJ

In order to encourage private initiatives in Guinea, the National Fund for the Integration of Youth (FONIJ) decided to support the projects of 15 young people working in the world of entrepreneurship in the Kankan administrative region. It provided them with financing of up to 400 million francs in order to realize their development project.

It is the multi-purpose room in the Kankan Youth Center “Batumba”, which was used as preparation for the ceremony of handing out training certificates and bank checks to the beneficiary young entrepreneurs on Saturday 14 May 2022.

After the Youth Entrepreneurship Training and Selection, which brought together 40 young entrepreneurs, all from the Kankan Administrative District, 15 of them were selected on the basis of the suitability of the proposed projects, which will now benefit from FONIJ funding.

In his speech on the conditions, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports said that the aim of this project is.

“It is a great honor for me to preside over this ceremony related to the conclusion of the intensive training in entrepreneurship which will be followed by the presentation of certificates to the top 15 young promoters from the Kankan administrative district and the screening of samples. This day, which marks the end of the intensive training for young entrepreneurs, is part of the implementation of the “Training” project Young people on entrepreneurship and microfinance.” This is an opportunity for me to recall that the aim of this project is to contribute to the strengthening of the human capital necessary for the efficient use of Guinea’s rich natural resources and to promote higher, stable and sustainable economic growth.”, he recalls.

In her speech, the Director General of the National Fund for the Integration of Youth First welcomed the support of the local authorities in Cankan before returning to the FONIJ missions.

“First of all, allow me, on behalf of my collaborators and myself, to express to the administrative and political authorities of the Kankan Administrative District my deepest gratitude for all the facilities granted to us to conduct this activity. It should be noted that the “ Training of Youth in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Microfinance ` project ‘It is an activity organized by the National Fund for the Integration of Youth (FONIJ) every year in the various administrative regions of the state that aims to promote the social, economic and professional integration of young people through entrepreneurship and their participation in the country’s economic development process. Despite the government’s determination to promote youth participation in In the process of social and economic development of the country, there are enormous difficulties in the field of youth integration. These difficulties are often related to issues of training but also to obtaining financing to start their activities. To reverse this trend and encourage the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, the state has implemented through the National Fund for the Integration of Youth (FONIJ) since Its creation of many programs and projects in favor of the integration of young people. Not only through training, communication but also financial support for individual and group business projects. »She said

For their part, the Young Beneficiary Entrepreneurs thanked FONIJ with a commitment to earning the trust placed in them.

“Young Entrepreneurs of Kankan are respectful, courteous and extend a warm welcome to you. It is time to honor and thank you, Madam General Manager of FONIJ, for your effort and love to train and fund the General Income (AGR) activities of young entrepreneurs, the artisans at The development of our country. This is an opportunity for me to thank our trainers for the quality of training. We are the young entrepreneurs who benefit from this support, we are committed to earning the trust that was placed in us in order to repay the credits that will be allocated to us to start our various development projects.”said Suri 1 Kamara, a young entrepreneur and one of the beneficiaries of the fund.

To get their money, the beneficiaries must provide, in particular, a letter of commitment from the promoter to repay the debt, a bank certificate or a copy of a membership card certifying the existence of an account in the name of the company.

Cheick Mamady Condé, regional correspondent for Mosaiqueguinee.com in Cankan

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