Jazouli: The first results of the investment charter will appear this year

Médias24: Where is the place to invest in government work and strategy, given that social projects are given top priority?

Mohsen Jazouli Our government initially follows the directives of His Majesty the King and is part of the new development model with a government program for the next five years, which is based on two main pillars.

Or not Social activity With the development of social protection, health insurance, employment and retirement as desired by His Majesty, but to finance all these projects, a lot of money is needed.

This is the reason why we should Achieving growth with investmentsIt is therefore only natural that investments are at the heart of this government programme.

– How do we ensure that private investment reaches two-thirds of the total investment as of 2035 as announced?

– It was the new development model that defined the horizon for 2035 and which showed that investment in Morocco has a very high level of 30% of GDP (compared to 25% on average in OECD countries), but mainly increased to Two-thirds by public investment.

This proactive and informed strategy of His Majesty the King has made it possible, over the past twenty years, to build Tanger Med, LGV, new highways, solar plan, new ports … All this was appropriate, but today it was the private sector. Sector should take over.

We need investment that generates jobs and raises the national industrial fabric and entrepreneurship, but public investment generates less than the private sector.

Two pillars of the investment charter: incentives and improving the business environment

– How will private investors be encouraged?

Thanks to an ambitious investment charter based on two main pillars: (1) implementing several incentive plans, and (2) improving the business environment.

Bonuses can be up to 30% of the total investment amount

First, economic operators will benefit, whatever the size of their business or the size of their investment projects Rewards Which, for some, can amount to as much as 30% of the total investment amount.

The measures specifically put in place will promote job-generating projects, i.e. women’s projects through gender reward, sustainable projects, future jobs and import substitution.

The main mechanism of the new investment charter will also be incorporated regional premium Which will encourage the development of projects in the governorates outside the El Jadida – Tangiers axis.

In addition, a reward will be given to priority sectors For our country such as industry, tourism, digital, outsourcing or renewable energies.

Entrepreneurship facilitation package: simplification, digitization of procedures, decentralization, land, sustainable energy

Other measures are also planned, in particular to encourage the development of very small, small and medium-sized enterprises, projects of a strategic nature and the development of Moroccan companies abroad.

Secondly, we will develop a package that will facilitate the investment process and, more generally, the act of entrepreneurship thanks to the simplification and digitization of administrative procedures, the deconcentration, the acquisition of land and sustainable energy at competitive prices.

All this will be an important effect of lobbying to boost private investment and encourage investors and entrepreneurs to be bolder.

– Knowing that these encouragements have a cost, how much will be allocated?

– It’s too early to give you a character. However, we bet this will bring in much more than it will cost the state.

– You’re a bit like the Kingdom’s VRP in investing, what does your job really consist of?

In fact, I am responsible for rapprochement, evaluation of public policies, and interest in investments.

Knowing that investing is the first public policy to converge, I’m more than facilitator Which works hand in hand with all the departments, on the one hand, to attract more foreign or Moroccan investors by directing them towards projects that create job opportunities and added value, and on the other hand, to help our lands promote investment for a more equitable regional development.

Everyone looks at Morocco with bright eyes

– What are the fears of foreign investors and what is their image of Morocco?

– In every promotional tour abroad, I realize that the image of our country is well perceived at the international level. Without any exaggeration, everyone looks at Morocco with bright eyes.

We have very positive feedback and sometimes our interlocutors speak much better than our country, such as the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development who announced yesterday in Marrakesh, in front of a large audience of the audience, that Morocco was the best country in the region where it was suitable for investment.

– Knowing that the investment charter includes foreign investors, can we imagine that American pension funds, whose social practices do not always have good press, especially in Europe, will invest tomorrow in health or education?

Whether they are American pension funds or not, we support public-private partnerships, but only if these investors align with our values ​​and support development with alternative financing that dilutes the state budget.

– Not at the expense of disadvantaged groups with exaggerated health and education?

On the contrary, our approach is in line with the social expectations of our citizens.

Why can the crisis in Ukraine be an opportunity for the national economy?

In fact, knowing that over fifteen years we had a financial shock in 2008, a Covid health crisis in 2020 and today geopolitical tensions, everyone was able to see that these events have reshaped supply chains and that Morocco has managed the successive crises in a way that good.

Thus, in the face of the reconfiguration of global energy supplies, Morocco has a real role to play tomorrow in terms of renewable energies in general and hydrogen Green in particular.

Green Hydrogen: We don’t have the experience of others, but we are better prepared

– There is a lot of talk about green hydrogen that Morocco can offer that does not have real experience in this field…

– If we have no less experience than other actors on the planet, I think that we are in fact much better prepared thanks to all that has been achieved at the level of the stations of the Moroccan solar plan.

Thanks to His Majesty, who showed himself as a visionary twenty years ago, Morocco has an undeniable leadership in solar and wind energy that attracts many international investors, because with these two clean energies we can produce the famous green hydrogen.

– What are the origins of energy in Morocco compared to the rest of the world?

Between our excellent position on the wind and sun map, our ability to complete large-scale green energy projects at competitive prices, and our geographical proximity to consumption basins, Morocco is well positioned to become a major energy player.

To supply Europe with renewable energy?

In particular, but not exclusively, our idea is to move forward in the value chain. In fact, when we make hydrogen, we can make ammonia behind it, fertilizers, and also develop our industry by producing steel, glass, aluminum…

What is interesting is that we are not only exporters of energy products like some oil producing countries, but we are exporting real added value.

– Exporting carbon-free final products in line with the times?

– Certainly, because that will become a necessity in the coming years in Europe and elsewhere.

– For you, The investment charter will be approved before the summer ; How long will it take to see tangible results?

– we go Monitor all deadlines Even a month after its adoption, the first results will be visible from the end of this year, and in an increasingly consistent manner as the new investments this new charter will necessarily generate.

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