How EDF draws on the Pulse & You community to study IFTTT

EDF’s co-creation platform will launch a new campaign on the different possible scenarios in home energy using IFTTT.

IFTTT is an in-house tethering service for programming scenarios from Connected Objects. To understand the usefulness of this technology to the general public, the co-innovation platform EDF Pulse & You will launch version 1Verse June New campaign with “Pulsers” about it. Participants are asked to give their opinions until the summer on their uses with IFTTT, improvements to be made, what they want, etc.

EDF experts, who seek to connect people’s desires with solutions available in the market, see IFTTT as “real potential,” according to Gaël Le Boulch, founder of EDF Pulse & You and head of innovation at EDF. Already in 2017, a study by EDF Pulse & You revealed user interest in heating and lighting scenarios. Thus EDF has developed a series of scenarios, for example on adjusting the connected thermostat according to the off-peak hours stipulated in the power nodes, in order to analyze how to improve users’ daily lives.

The EDF Pulse & You study conducted from July to October 2017 highlights the need for connected objects in the evening for light and heating. © EDF Pulse and You

“It is important to assess the interest of IFTTT as the Internet of Things is entering the stage of democratization in the smart home with initiatives by Lidl and Enki (And more recently from Carrefour, Editor’s Note) which means that price is no longer an obstacle. What remains are the scenarios. The difficulty of connected things is to create relevant links between them to derive real added value”, says Gaël Le Boulch. Especially since IFTTT, through its ease of use, targets a wide audience.

For the most motivated, EDF Pulse & will then present groups of connected objects to get technical feedback on their experience: about what works, what is missing, whether or not they are satisfied, what they think of the work environment, who uses this feature in the family, etc. “Social acceptance requires adoption of the Internet of Things and we can only get it by working directly with consumers, by developing experiences that benefit them with them,” Gael LeBolch highlights his surprise at some of the returns.

64,000 ideas collected

Surveys allow EDF Pulse & You to understand what leads to adoption of Connected Objects. In the case of connected surveillance cameras, a previous survey showed that giving a stereoscopic aspect of the object, such as a ULO camera in the shape of an owl with its eyes moving, increased its adoption by 30%. In the case of connected locks, 76% of respondents believe that this product should be incorporated into the insurance offer. Another example is the Hector cube thermometer, which did not appeal to the general public but proved to be of great value to beekeepers. “We also noticed during our surveys a strong enthusiasm for connected shower heads, and not for smart intakes and steering wheels. One would have thought the opposite,” confirms Gaël Le Boulch.

This campaign on IFTTT is 92And conducted by the platform since its inception. “Currently, we are at the beginning where we need to provide families with IoT. But the campaign can be used later to provide the EDF with an IoT display with comfort scenarios or energy consumption monitoring,” he thinks.

Finding ways to reach the general public is why EDF Pulse & You exists. “The platform was created five years ago, in March 2016, with a logic of co-innovation to help the group stand out in the market in the face of increasing competition,” says Gaël Le Boulch. Three topics, well-being at home, energy transition, and electric mobility are covered with sub-communities, including one on the Internet of Things. Individuals are encouraged to share their thoughts on these topics online. “In five years, we’ve collected 64,000 ideas, 100,000 if you count the comments,” welcomes Gaël Le Boulch. EDF Pulse & You has managed to bring together a community of over 8000 people, 1400 of whom are part of the group. Besides the campaigns, EDF Pulse & You has just created a portal that lists crowdfunding projects and invites IoT startups to highlight their initiative.

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