Non-destructive testing or prediction in service of manufacturers

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] EKOSCAN is a French manufacturer of non-destructive ultrasound testing equipment. The company designs sensors for manufacturers and their equipment, in order to anticipate and assess any damage to materials. Hugo Sens, President and CEO of EKOSCAN, explains to us what are the challenges of his sector.

Can you detail what your activity consists of?

Our ultrasonic sensors are able to detect potential anomalies within materials. These checks are performed throughout the life cycle of different types of equipment. This high value-added technology is particularly applicable to the following industries: Nuclear, aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, railways, oil and gas (petrochemicals and refining).

Inspections can relate to a wide range of products such as: carbon composite panels or fuselage, pipe welding in nuclear power plants, submarine assembly welds, railway tracks, wind turbine blades, etc.

These checks make it possible to prevent errors in the service (eg during the flight of an aircraft) and contribute to industrial security as a whole. The added value of EKOSCAN goes further in this activity, providing Complete solutions for industrialists.


● identify the most effective control methods and formulate appropriate control procedures;

● We train manufacturers to deploy these technologies on their devices.

At the same time, in 2021 we established INTACT, which was invested by the industrialist AIR LIQUIDE via CVC ALIAD. In addition to ultrasonic testing, INTACT offers tracking/monitoring solutions for its customers’ equipment over time: we’re talking about SHM (Structural Health Monitoring). Consists of Remote real-time monitoring of faults / damages and their evolution / spread. Thus we provide our industrial clients with predictive maintenance, which they can choose to deploy with A maintenance plan adapted to the nature of their equipment as well as possible patterns of damage.

What does EKOSCAN offer to the NDT sector?

We are trusted by leading manufacturers of global and personalized solutions, whether to supply control equipment or to perform inspections. The mission of EKOSCAN and its subsidiary INTACT is to ensure the safety of equipment throughout its life.

Finally, we develop solutions including bots linked to AI algorithms that allow:

● Perfect tracking of controls.

● Collect historical data that we analyze and incorporate into our maintenance programmes.

We offer these solutions in particular with AIR LIQUIDE. As a pioneer in the field of hydrogen, this group uses hydrogen purifiers (PSA system) that carry out pressure cycles in the presence of pure hydrogen. This mode of action helps to form fatigue cracks and requires very careful monitoring.

EKOSCAN has developed a robot capable of automatically controlling PSA units, by rebuilding the equipment in 3D and allowing any errors to be visualized. In addition to securing the controls and increasing their reliability, this robot allows, through the post-processing of control data, to assess the risks of the future emergence of defects in the controlled areas. This analysis allows switching from a therapeutic maintenance mode to a predictive mode.

Do you identify any challenges in your market?

Each industry is specific. In the case of nuclear energy, a shift towards advanced technologies must occur (phased matrix, 3D reconstruction, automated analysis, monitoring software). To further save safety and time, these technologies must be incorporated and taken into account from the formulation of construction specifications for new nuclear power plants.

Another big challenge is Convince manufacturers who are still hesitant for these tools. Anticipating future events involves developing mindsets, a willingness to assimilate and understand technologies and building skills before they are deployed in facilities.

What can you tell us about your current fundraising?

Our historic partner AIR LIQUIDE invites us to incorporate a second industrial partner and financial investor. Our goal is to raise between 15 and 20 million euros in the coming months, to pursue both our organic growth and our external growth.. This development also began last year with a significant capital investment in ARCANITE, a subsidiary that covers our activities in North America.

We raised this money, convinced of the efficacy of our model, because EKOSCAN is the only player that offers high value-added solutions by integrating the entire skill chain, combining control solution development and manufacturing. industrial site.

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