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So, yes, a connected home or automating tasks within the home is nothing new. Home automation has existed since the 70s, and in the past it was intended for a limited audience, because its installation required fairly large financial resources. However, home automation is seeing a resurgence of interest with the launch of smart devices such as laptops, smartphones, and many more connected objects.

connected home

In fact, with the easy access of home automation, it is now possible to control home appliances from your smartphone. when smart home It will allow you, among other things, to reduce your energy expenditure, better protect your home and live in a more comfortable home. Here is a list of interesting connected devices that will make your home a connected home.

connected socket

The connected socket One of the essential elements that should make your home connected. It is actually a type of box that is inserted into a traditional wall socket. Very innovative, the smart socket can connect to the Internet device’s Wi-Fi or bluetooth. Thus, you can remotely turn on or off all electrical devices connected to it.

To be able to control the socket remotely, you will need to install a dedicated app on your smartphone. With a home automation socket, you can control the lighting remotely. Which is very practical when you go on vacation for example. This will allow you to simulate your presence at home.

This connected object will be useful, for example, if you want to control the use of additional electric heating. In fact, the connected socket can be programmed according to a weekly schedule. This will allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption. This device may also be useful in evaluating the electrical consumption of the device associated with it.

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connected thermostat

a connected thermostat It is a device whose function is to maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms of your home. Highly innovative, this device can automatically shut itself off when the optimum temperature is reached in your room. This will allow you to save energy. You can also control it remotely on your mobile device, using a specially designated app.

Connected thermostats generally consist of a temperature sensor and a device for controlling the flow of heat emitted by the heating. This device gives you the possibility to program the ideal temperature for each of your rooms at any time of the day. Thus you will be able to benefit from better thermal comfort while shedding your wallet.

To get the correct temperature, this type of device uses several variables like weather, geographic area, your daily habits, etc. It also has the ability to measure your electricity consumption and thus calculate your energy expenditure. Some connected thermostats have the ability to learn your home’s habits. In other words, they notice and remember your habits through a motion detector or temperature sensor.

connected camera

To make your home as safe as possible, consider installing security cameras. Gone are the days when video cameras were used to secure an area. Currently, connected cameras are becoming more and more fashionable. They give you the opportunity to optimally secure your home.

a connected camera It will allow you to access a video of what is happening in real time in your home on your tablet. Thanks to an application that will be installed on your mobile device, you will be able to program when the camera should be turned on. Videos can be saved to the hard drive, SD card, or the cloud.

There are currently different types of connected cameras. To choose a camera that can meet your needs, you must first decide where you intend to install it. If you want to install it outdoors, for example, you’ll need to use a wireless and waterproof model. The image quality, type of power supply of the device, etc. should also be taken into account.

doorbell connected

The connected doorbell represents a real revolution. In fact, this device will allow you to simulate your presence at home. When someone rings your doorbell, the doorbell can notify you wherever you are. It can even show you a photo or video of someone standing outside your door.

Generally, this type of device is connected to your mobile device via a router. Regarding the connection, you will be able to connect a file doorbell connected By cable or by Wi-Fi. If you choose to use Wi-Fi and the doorbell is far enough from the router, it’s best to have a good connection.

Before choosing to get a connected doorbell, you will need to consider certain criteria such as the device’s power supply placement, camera capabilities, etc. It will also be necessary that the doorbell has a high-quality microphone so that you can clearly hear your interlocutor.

Connected robotic vacuum cleaner

Having a connected robot vacuum cleaner is very practical, especially for people who often do not have time to clean their homes. It’s actually a stand-alone vacuum cleaner. Once it sees dirt and dust on the floor of your house, it will walk on its own without your intervention.

Round in shape, this type of device generally includes a rechargeable battery that has an autonomy of up to 90 minutes. Well thought out, it includes a vacuum detector that prevents the device from falling on the stairs, for example. Some models are equipped with an optical drive to improve the path of the vacuum cleaner

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