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Pixel watch. After a long conference, Google introduced its first home-connected watch, the Google Pixel Watch. Find out all the information already available about the latter.

[Mis à jour le vendredi 13 mai à 10h47] After a conference that lasted just over an hour, Google has formalized its first online watch: Google Pixel watch. The latter notably includes the icons and design of the Google Pixel smartphone range, and should be made available for the company’s next phone release. Find out all the first information about the Google Pixel Watch, with its specifications, possible price and release date.

What are the specifications of the Pixel Watch?

The Google Pixel Watch features Wear OS. This operating system, created by Google, already equips many connected watches such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch or some Fossil. Wear OS allows the Google Pixel Watch to work as a smartwatch with your various devices, as well as your home. Since then, the company has focused particularly on accessories and connected housing You will be able to control your home through the Google Home app that will be available for the Pixel Watch.

Regarding his sporting functions, The Google Pixel watch is compatible with FitBit to track your movements and exercises. The official presentation of the watch included a demonstration with a Sports activity monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring. The basic functions nowadays of a continuous watch want to address the athletes.

Google will not address the storage on the Pixel Watch. According to several rumors, The connected watch will be supplied with 32 GB spaceThat puts it on par with the popular Apple Watch, and far ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4.

What is the design of the Pixel Watch?

The Google Pixel Watch design leaks turned out to be true. The watch has a fairly simple design With Silicon bracelet with bright colors and round dial. On the button side, the Google Pixel Watch has a crown on the right side that will definitely allow you to navigate through the different menus of available apps.

Google Pixel Watch has also been spotted In the United States, more precisely in a restaurant. This copy, which the customer seems to have forgotten, allows you to get a better idea of ​​the design of the Pixel Watch. After contacting several specialized sites, managers of the restaurant in question made it possible to take several screenshots comparing the Pixel Watch with other connected watches such as the Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch.

Comparison of Pixel Watch, Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch. © Google

Pixel watch face It was also revealed at the Google I/O conference. The latter remains simple, but has several screens such as time, date, steps taken, and heart rate. The print used is reminiscent of the basic printing found on the Google Pixel 6.

What is the Pixel Watch release date?

Although the Google Pixel Watch was revealed at the Google I/O conference in May, you’ll have to wait a bit before you can get it! If many netizens imagine a way out alongside the Google Pixel 6a, the company has finally decided to wait a little longer for the release of its first connected watch. Google Pixel Watch will be available in fall 2022.

What is the price of the Pixel watch?

It is still too early to determine the price of the Google Pixel Watch. Although the watch was officially presented in May 2022, the company has kept the information about its price well. Many experts rely on a price tag of around $300, but We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out the official price of the Google Pixel Watch.

How long will the Pixel watch last?

One of the big questions about the Pixel Watch is its battery life. The company’s product website 9to5Google notes that the watch in question will have a 300mAh battery. A reassuring number, it puts it above the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch4 in particular in terms of autonomy (if the device manages it well).

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