This ‘Poor Victim’ Loses $10,000 in Worst Chetcoins and Sues Uniswap

Chetcoin, when you tempt us – Uniswap It is the largest decentralized exchange platform in the worldEthereum (ETH). Despite its open source nature, some users seem to find it difficult to understand Its working gears… so that a class action clown Filed against Uniswap in a county New York.

All in shitcoins: a dream that turned smoky

Imagine that you are able to sue a betting site, claiming that the teams you are betting on are weak and that the outcome does not suit you. We take for granted that quite a clown situation, which nonetheless happens in the United States.

And so we have Nissa Risleywhich is interested in cryptocurrencies and plunges into buying various altcoins through a decentralized exchange Uniswap. Clearly, Nissa Risley is only interested in one thing: profit. So why learn the concepts of risk management or the concept of diversification?

Be that way, armed with it $10.400Nessa Risley decided on this and opted for many low-cap cryptocurrencies, because“You never know, bitcoin could become the next”.

Spoiler: It picked the worst Chetcoins that Uniswap holds.

Concretely, it splits its investments among several projects whose names leave no doubt about their future success: EthereumMax, Matrix Samurai, Rocket Bunny, Alphawolf Finance, Bezoge Earth and BoomBaby. Haven’t you heard of it before? This is normal, these are them Low Level Chetcoins.

It’s no surprise that Nissa Risley sees her investment melt like snow in the sun. In fact, most projects have no real development objective. Some even limit outright scams.

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Nissa Risley launches class action lawsuit against Uniswap

The Nyssa Risley story could have ended there, as it has with many of the new investors in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. but not ! This situation was not acceptable.

Then hold the latter The error lies in Uniswapthe exchange platform that, as we remember, is decentralized and anyone can offer their token for sale, even the creator of Rocket Bunny.

As soon as the culprit was found, the victim turned to US justice and started a lawsuit against Uniswap and its investors in the form of a class action. In fact, the complaint It has several axes. First, Uniswap is accused of selling Guarantees unregistered :

“This action stems from the illegal promotion, offer and sale of unregistered securities in this market, in the form of cryptocurrencies.”

Second, he criticizes Uniswap for miss checks to access the platform. It seems that someone misunderstood the concept of freedom, openness and decentralization.

Uniswap has no barrier to entry for users looking to trade – or switch Cryptocurrencies on the platform. Uniswap does not require any individual identity verification or any ‘know your customer’ process. This combination led to widespread fraud in the exchange. »

Nissa Risley

Still, Uniswap has many safety nets. To get started, when adding a file contract “strange”Uniswap displays a messagewarning Remember the risks involved. In addition, the platform performs, on a regular basis, a Sort the tokens that can be accessed via its interface.

Whatever the case, this appeal is for him It is unlikely that you will succeed, so much so that it is lunar. However, let’s hope this does not give grist for regulators in SECwhich monitors the Uniswap platform.

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