What if art was just a Trojan horse? NFTs like you’ve never seen them before with Solv Finance

In the mind of a crypto addict, NFTs are generally associated with the art and wild auctions that some of these assets have managed to spark in recent months. But the technical characteristics of the ERC721 format hide much greater potential than a simple digital artwork with a dangerous intrinsic value.

Solv Finance aims to become a leader in financial NFTs. By exploiting the unique qualities of this type of token, the company offers powerful tools that cannot be accessed by traditional ERC20 tokens. What if DeFi is already entering a new dimension?

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Pushing the limits of traditional DeFi tools

With the development of decentralized finance, experiments aimed at integrating listed non-financial funds into appropriate and profitable financial scenarios led to the emergence of the concept of “non-financial non-financial transfers”. And therefore , We can actually use NFTs to implement fixed rate loansto embody the guarantees of insurance coverage.

Perhaps the most common example to date is Uniswap v3 LP token Which, far from being just a bonus to liquidity providers, represents the right of ownership of the money you deposit. A right that will follow the NFT if you sell it or transfer it. Therefore, whoever owns the NFT is entitled to refund the money deposited to obtain it.

Solv Protocol offers NFT adapted to the needs of complex financial instruments for DeFi

though “Narrow Meaning” NFT It is not yet enough to free DeFi from the technical limitations inherent in the cryptographic features of the various tokens of the Ethereum network. A note that will lead developers to A version that combines the best of both worlds. A new token standard that provides multidimensional attributes in subversive form for programmable NFTs, and much more.

A new standard for unexpected performance

Solv Finance is a protocol for creating, managing and trading these new types of assets: ‘coupons’.

NFTs are classified as ‘semi-replaceable’ or vNFT (for Versatile NFT) can be divided into several independent states of the same non-replaceable derivatives, or, like a basket, consisting of several symbols.

Coupons will bring new capabilities to DeFi protocols thanks to the native and destabilized NFT format
With the original benefits that coupons bring, art is no longer the only profitable use of the NFT format

Division and composition capabilities that make it programmable and enabling integration, as well as simple holding of many tokens, and implementation of independent, conditional, and potentially complex financial strategies. Fully qualified financial instruments Such as investment provisions, bonds or deposit receipts expressed in NFT format. Many possibilities that, for example, make it possible to solve the problem of liquidity in the context of early investments.

Seahorses to free liquidity and encourage investment

One of the important things DeFi calls who is he Enable companies to finance themselves By offering “tokens” to investors via various pre-sale protocols. Operations are often accompanied by periods of corner blocking to avoid price gouging. A restriction for many investors wishing to retain the freedom to enjoy their capital without obligationwho prefer to avoid freezing their funds for long periods sometimes.

To overcome this predicament, Solv Finance just launched the Seahors platformIn order to encourage companies to offer ICOs and other early financing operations in the form of vouchers. A way to return liquidity to the heart of the product since then Vouchers will be immediately negotiable like any NFTon platforms dedicated to them such asopen sea Among other things.

Vouchers are NFTs that also include independent smart contracts to implement independent financial strategies
Coupons will release locked coins within certain investment protocols

Incorporate your guaranteed valueThey can be redeemed before the token is issued, but they also act as collateral in the context of crypto loans for example. An approach that, according to Solv Finance founder Ryan Chao, “will open up an infinite amount of possibilities for projects” sinceInvesting early will never mean closing out the investor’s money.

Several of the most prominent projects in the crypto ecosystem, such as DODO, Parsiq, Prometeus, Bella and Ankr, were among the first to join the Seahorse platform to leverage vNFT and leverage their strategic potential. With an approach that combines programmable NFTs with standalone financial products, backed by industry giants like The Graph or Spartan to name a few, Solv Finance can quickly be in a position to enforce the new standard format for the DeFi sector.

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