The Internet of Things: What is it?

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In addition to applications and websites, the world of technology has been revolutionized by many other innovations. One of them relates to connected things also called the Internet of Things. If families begin to embrace it for its many advantages, it is worth looking closely at the topic. What is connected and what examples can you find in real life? to focus.

What is the Internet of Things?

Appeared in the United States of the year 1982Experience the Internet of Things as a first Machine Clever distributor to me drinks. It has had a rapid development under the influence of globalization which has led to the possibility of Connection Intelligent machines to servers that are able to supervise them. Some have called this progress: Internet from Machines Later in 1999, Kevin Ashton, the founding father of technology, coined the term Internet from Things It’s explained by Neil Gershenfeld, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology through his book When Things Start to Think.

In short, the Internet of Things (The Internet of things) where Internet from Things(The Internet of things) in English is a system that allows so-called connected devices to be able to function thanks to Connection Internet. As with computers and cell phones, these devices, once equipped with the Internet, have the ability to communicate with each other. Thus, the Internet of Things includes all physical objects and devices with extension Identify Digital. These things can be workout to me distance: aftermost often using the phone, a wave or a the computer.

The benefit of the Internet of Things

Intelligent sensors in IoT solutions have the potential to improve their efficiency. Which can easily allow you to control your potential waste and push you to save time and money by saving energy.

Example of devices with the Internet of Things

In terms of innovation in this field, the inventions of connected devices are huge and diverse to aid the human in his daily tasks. You will find, for example:

  • Connected thermometer
  • connected presence detectors;
  • Connected watches such as the Apple Watch;

Here is the basic you can remember about these innovative creations.

Connected thermometer

Whether it’s a Bluetooth thermometer or a WiFi thermometer, the connected thermometer gives you the ability to keep track of your temperature measurement results on your smartphone or laptop. An interesting application halfway between the world of health and iot.

Connected presence detectors

Also known as proximity sensors, they make it possible to detect presence or movement in a particular environment. Some models trigger an alarm in the event of an intrusion. They are used to ensure your safety in your workplace or at home.

Smart watches like apple Watch

Apple Watch is a multifunctional connected watch. Thanks to the Internet of Things, time doesn’t just tell you. This is amazing hourOnce synchronous With is yours Telephone, allows you to respond to your messages, to help you control your body if you are an athlete, for example. In addition, with a apple WatchYou no longer need to download your diary because it reminds you of all your appointments.

A tour of the Apple platform allows you to find several series of connected watches. It’s waterproof, monitors your heart rate, and can even detect drops. It is a product that has an autonomy of up to 18 hours. Use of the Internet of Things or Internet from Things It is gaining momentum these days. It’s a popular smart solution for cleaning, say, or home monitoring. Note that these are products that can be quite expensive depending on their functionality.

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