XDEFI Wallet Officializes Its Original Token Announces IDO: The Search Begins!

The XDEFI wallet phenomenon continues to excite the small crypto world. With ambitious specifications For some, unrealistic for others, the person who claims to be the main competitor of the Metamask King wallet unleashes the emotions of the entire community.

The announcement of IDO’s next and the arrival of its original $XDEFI token confirm the company’s strategy of conquest and widespread popularization, which, at the same time, intends to silence its critics once and for all.

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The $XDEFI token, designed to win

Not without pride, is that day XDEFI Wallet Reveal its utility code To all players in the crypto ecosystem, and at the same time announcing the Dex Initial Offer (IDO) that will be held in early November in order to offer the popular token purchase to the general public. We learned that the company called up Delphi Digital, known among other things for developing the famous $AXS token, for the design. A distinctive symbol and symbols to match its ambitions.

Basically, XDEFI$ will have 4 main uses:

  • StakingTo secure the network and increase investment
  • judgmentTo participate in the life of the company
  • motivation to me Building the XDEFI Ecosystem
  • incentive for Play to win and learn (Play for (L) you win)

Thus, as Emile Dube, CEO of XDEFI Wallet, likes to say, The token will power the entire DeFi environment which the portfolio promises to implement, including financing for start-up projects, Including NFTs.

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“We are excited to announce today the launch of the $XDEFI token. It will be at the heart of the XDEFI wallet ecosystem in order to encourage the community to build in the long-term around the wallet. We will also leverage the token to create an educational framework around DeFi and NFTs, to improve knowledge about the Web3( or “internet of values”) and Encouraging wider adoption. »

XDEFI Wallet CEO, Emile Dubey.

Cash structure and business model designed to take advantage of DeFi opportunities

Premiere promises to be epic

$XDEFI is an ERC-20 utility token. It will be distributed in early November as part of the scheduled IDO misoAn open source platform that specializes in launching new projects Designed by SushiSwap, the famous decentralized exchange.

Full details on how to get involved will be posted soon through the company’s website on Medium and Twitter. Of course, the process is still inaccessible to people and organizations located in a jurisdiction where cryptocurrencies are considered to be outlawed (yes, they still exist…).

XDEFI Wallet promises to be one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects at the end of 2021
IDO XDEFI Wallet Could Be A Sign Of The Future Champion Of DeFi Ecosystem

after this sale, Million dollars It will be made available to support developers who are investing in the growth of the global xchain.js protocol, which is underpinned by the XDEFI portfolio. Innovative performance architecture, such as “monkey mode”, designed for It guarantees 99% support for every transaction in the next block. A disruptive technology that offers local integration on several leading networks, such as THORChain, Teraand Ethereum and the entire constellation built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

distance $6 million special collection Among the elite crypto organizations and influencers (Alameda Research, Morningstar Ventures, Coingecko, etc.), XDEFI Wallet was quick to reveal the public version of its browser wallet.

Since then, 35,000 users have been able to take advantage of the speed and modularity of the XDEFI wallet. All that was missing was a real economic catalyst to spur the escalation of mania. We bet that with this new major move, XDEFI Wallet is on the verge of seriously upsetting the established order.

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