Meta-Hebdo: NFT and play to earn, web treasures 3

Go away and come back In the world of Web 3, 2021 was definitely the year of play for profit. In fact, the NFT blockchain games allowing cryptocurrency to be obtained in exchange for proof of play was a real revolution. We thought playing NFT to win games was outdated. Even the crypto community has sometimes turned its back on NFTs. After being weakened by the beginning of 2022, some weaknesses appear, the rise of Bastard – villainThis week, syndicates and development giants such as Axie Infinity were able to show that NFTs and play to win games are underway in a Web 3 campaign.

So who said 2022 won’t be the year of NFTs? It is too early to confirm this. But some evidence confirms that the for-profit ecosystem is healthy. Focus on this meta week.

Yuga Labs: From Bored Monkey Yacht to CryptoPunks to Metaverse

What are Yoga Labs?

Yuga Labs, who created the NFTs at Boring Monkey Club (BAYE), provides digital images of boring, trapped and silly native monkeys. The group’s media success is rapid, carried by celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Eminem or, more recently, Universal Music Group and Madonna.

Tweet from Madonna – Source: Twitter

“You have finally entered the metaverse…my monkey! Thank you Monbay. We all need protection from the evil eye”

Madonna – Source: Twitter

The success of this group also aided the development of Yuga Labs. Even the NFT Lab recently lent itself the intellectual property of famous crypto villains or Meebits, becoming the proud owner of 423 CryptoPunks and 1711 Meebits.

Tweet from Yuga Labs Announcing Acquisition of CryptoPunks and Meetbits Groups
Tweet by Yuga Labs – Source: Twitter

“Big news today: Yuga just acquired CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs. The first thing we’ll do is return all commercial rights to the owners of the NFTs. Like we did to the owners of BAYC and MAYC. »

Yuga Labs – Source: Twitter

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Metavers and Cryptocurrency: APE Coin

In this community dynamic, Yuga Labs also announced the birth of the metaverse and the sale of plots of land. To purchase it, you will not need monkey coins, you will need APECoin, the game code for BAYE.

Also, the goal of Yuga Labs is to develop a metaverse where we can use several NFTs (to the collection of cryptoPunks that will then be added from Cool Cats for example). It will also be possible to create your own characters. APECoin will be used to make purchases in Yuga Apps. So it is a matter of encouraging exchanges within the BAYE ecosystem.

APECoin is also the governance token of BAYC DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Thus holders of this monkey coin can decide on future partnerships or decisions to be made for the future of BAYC.

Animoca Brands tweeted about their partnership with BAYE
Animoca announces secret project with BAYC – Source: Twitter

DAO and play to win; statecraft

What is a DAO?

a Bastard – villain It is an independent body within DeFi. independent organization, allows its members to control the decisions of the organization. Community fund, in liquidity pools is one of the DAO’s structural principles.

Axie Infinity, the NFT winning game on the Ethereum blockchain, offers liquidity pools within the decentralized Katana platform. A common treasure for AXS holders (Axie Infinity Shard) This pool allows you to receive Ron. The planned release of this rally is already causing concern for the Sky Mavis team. The founders of Axie Infinity want to prepare the community for decentralization and governance:

“In summary, we believe that opening this pool of capital prior to setting up the community ecosystem will likely result in unintended long-term damage to our aforementioned vision for Axie Infinity.”

Source: The Lunacia, the official journal of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Diagram showing how to bring AXS into the community vault.
The AXS: Axie Infinity Treasure – Source: The Lunacian

Progressive Decentralization Idea (DeFi)

In that sense, Sky Mavis, the parent company of Axie Infinity, announced this week to accelerate community management. Axie Infinity would like to power progressive decentralization:

We define incremental decentralization as a deliberate, step-by-step process that we will follow to enable active partnership/ownership with a growing group of community members. »

Source: The Lunacia, the official journal of Axie Infinity

But, without knowing it, society is already participating in this progressive decentralization by investing more and more in the development of the game structure:

“These attempts to deliberately involve the community in decision making are intended to familiarize the community with this increased expectation of participation, learn how to best obtain input from a broad audience, and identify community members who have a prominent interest in governance. This drumbeat will only increase in the coming days.”

Source: The Lunacia, Axie Infinity Official Journal

Further development of Ron and AXS

With nice curves this week, theAXS and RON Optimistic when approachingAxi Infinity Origin, the new version of the game. Ron Token will get its true benefit from March 29th. In fact, for the development of future transactions, Ronin’s transaction costs will be paid for with Ron. However, some free trades will be determined based on your number of NFTs. If you do not have any NFT or are lacking in free transactions, you can still buy RON on Katana with a credit card. Finally, only AXS holders will be able to get Ron rewards. Judgment’s reward, Ron takes all he has Avatar and its usefulness.

Axie Infinity Tweeted About ROn's New Benefit
Tweet from Axie Infinity – Source: Twitter

NFTs confirm trend

So in this meta week, we’ve seen that it may all be unfinished for NFTs and play to win games.

For example, MetaMask, a decentralized wallet, is confirming its interest in Metaverse by creating the MetaMetaverse Corporation. Its founder’s recent statements Joel Dietz It asserts, moreover, that it wants to offer its future users the goal of metaverse interoperability.

“In 30 years, every building in every city will be designed and sold in the Metaverse District. We are building the protocol that will support evolving assets and (illustrate) business use cases. »

Joel Dietz, Founding Father of Metamask and Founder of MetaMetaverse

Gamestop is considering joining the NFTs to revive its company. In partnership with Immutable X, an Ethereum solution known for hosting the God’s Unchained game, among other things. In doing so, some view NFTs as an escape route.

Decentraland is also taking advantage of a new lease on life in its own way this week. Hand-stitched partnership Tommy Hilfiger made her Decentraland debut during metaverse fashion week.

This weekend, another giant confirmed its arrival at Web 3: PSG. In fact, PSG will tread on the Metaverse meadows. The trademark filings confirm the trademark’s desire to protect any usurpation of its name in the NFT and metaverse sector.

Tweet from Paris Saint-Germain (Paris Saint-Germain)
Tweet from Master Michael Kondoudis about the PSG trademark app – Source: Twitter

Sure, the NFT market could be a bit choppy at the start of the year. Web 3 can be considered a mirage. But the sector is still undeniably attractive, and this week’s news is a case in point.

Sometimes he does very small things like buying an NFT by a big star, or sometimes, on the contrary, he makes up big things like dreaming of a community that rules its economy within the game, and obviously playing to be won hasn’t lost the game yet.

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