Here is the price of subscriptions for Microsoft’s cloud PC

Microsoft has launched its offering for Windows PCs running through the cloud, intended primarily for professional use. Redmond offers Windows 365 at a starting price of €28.20 per user per month.

If cloud gaming has taken a prominent place in the public debate in 2021, the rise of cloud computing will not be long in coming. Especially when a giant like Microsoft puts the means. We’ve been hearing about Windows Cloud PC offerings for a few months. The Windows solution has been introduced for some time as a competitor to Shadow, which offers cloud-oriented video game PCs, and it’s clear that the Windows solution is meant for the professional world.

The offer is called Windows 365 and it’s available now. How does it work concretely? For a monthly fee, Microsoft suggests cloud streaming to a Windows PC on a device, more specifically, on a group of devices. This is clearly a way for Windows to adapt to its “new working habits and flexibility,” Redmont wrote in the project presentation.

How much is it ?

Two options are offered: one is for small and medium businesses, and the other is for larger businesses. Regardless of the size of the business, the prices are the same, and are organized into monthly rates per user. In its basic version, Windows 365 offers computers equipped with two virtual processors, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, and it costs 28.20 euros per user per month. The most expensive version costs 60.10 euros per user per month, and is included in all 4 PC virtual processors, 16 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Windows 365: Here's the price of subscriptions for Microsoft's cloud PC

It should be noted that a more comprehensive price list is also available on the Microsoft website, with the ability to pay a little less when using a cloud PC on a Windows 10 machine. Expensive, with a default processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of RAM A gigabyte of storage space costs €18.20 per user, if Cloud PC is used on a Windows machine already.

Healer RAM storage Price in EUR
1 CPU 2 GB 64 GB €21.90 per user / month
2 virtual CPUs 4GB 64 GB €29.10 user/month
2 virtual CPUs 4GB 126 GB €31.90 per user / month
2 virtual CPUs 4GB 256 GB €40.10 per user/month
2 virtual CPUs 8 GB 128 GB €41.00 per user / month
2 virtual CPUs 8 GB 256 GB €49.20 per user / month
4 virtual CPUs 16 GB 128 GB 63.80 € per user / month
4 virtual CPUs 16 GB 256 GB €72.00 per user / month
4 virtual CPUs 16 GB 512 GB €95.60 per user / month
8 virtual CPUs 32 GB 128 GB 115.70 € user / month
8 virtual CPUs 32 GB 256 GB 123.90 € per user / month
8 virtual CPUs 32 GB 512 GB 147.50 € per user / month

On the other side of the edge, the highest price is set at 147.50 euros per month and per user, for a device that offers 8 virtual processors, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

Why a cloud computer?

The main idea behind this offer is simple: flexibility offered to the user. In fact, as Microsoft wrote, “These cloud computers can stream all of their enterprise apps, tools, data, and custom settings to any device, including your Mac, iPad, Linux, and Android.”

Another advantage offered by this flexibility of use: You can pick up where you left off because Cloud PC status stays the same even when switching devices”says Microsoft again.

What about security and stability?

Another feature that Microsoft promised is increased security for the company. All stored information will be found In the cloud, not on the device. In addition, multi-factor authentication (equivalent to two-factor authentication on Windows) is automatically integrated.

Cloud PC stability can be a concern for businesses, and Microsoft understands that. This is why Redmond offers Windows 365 with a diagnostic tool, Endpoint Analytics, which allows “To identify cloud PC environments that do not meet the performance needs of a particular user”.

If Microsoft already offers cloud computing with Azure, it requires a certain number of virtualization skills to set it up. What Windows 365 offers here is an integrated solution, with Microsoft “Simplifies the virtualization experience by managing all the details”.

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