HEX Crypto and Its 40% Return: Eldorado or Scam?

Cryptocurrencies are classified according to capital letters. Capitalization is the product of the price of a cryptocurrency by the number of coins in circulation.

But the cryptocurrency has somewhat upset the game in recent months… The HEX (HEX) cryptocurrency has a capital of about thirty billion dollars. Such a level of capitalization should rank the HEX cryptocurrency in the top 10. However, it does not! HEX Crypto is back around 200th on the most popular crypto platforms (in order…). simple mistake? Let’s lift the veil a little bit about a cryptocurrency to say the least…

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What is Crypto HEX (HEX)?

If some projects are hard to explain, this is not the case with HEX! When Bitcoin Is Like Digital Gold, HEX Crypto aims to become future digital deposits. In the traditional banking system, a term deposit corresponds to an amount of money that has been “deposited” and is frozen within a certain period of time. The user cannot withdraw their funds from the Term Deposit before the specified time (unlike a “demand deposit” where funds remain available). In exchange for this freezing of funds, the user receives interest rates.

With HEX encryption, it’s exactly the same principle. Investors who buy HEX tokens are rewarded for keeping their assets. Since HEX is an ERC-20 token, investors must trade ETH to obtain HEX. The duration of paralysis ranges from 1 to 5555 days (ie 15 years). According to figures provided by HEX, the average annual percentage rate of interest is 40%.

HEX: Controversial Crypto

a 40% annual rate of returnIt’s beautiful but isn’t it too good to be true? Indeed, such a promise in conventional finance would raise some doubts. There is no reason for them to be different in coding. In fact, HEX encryption is quite controversial. Many signals should call any investor to caution When it comes to HEX encryption.

Aggressive Crypto HEX Marketing

HEX crypto goes to great lengths to promote itself. In addition to having a date social networkscrypto HEX pulls traditional marketing threads through it advertisement In London taxis and buses, in trucks, at airports, etc.

By itself, there’s nothing to criticize, crypto Floki Inu has done the same lately! The most questioned thing is about Submit the message.

Every ad campaign Evokes the stratospheric displays of the region. In July 2020, an announcement was made that the price of HEX had increased by 10,000% in just 129 days.

Source: Twitter: HEXcrypto

A cryptocurrency project with extraordinary returns as its only selling point should at least attract investors and invite them to exercise the utmost caution. The same crane is already used in Ponzi scheme type tricks.

sulfur creator

We haven’t mentioned yet HEX Crypto Inventor: Richard Hart. In fact, his real name is Richard J. Schuyler. Normally, this doesn’t matter except that in this case, Richard J. Schuyler pulls off something strange History of scams and lawsuits.

Of course, man is not necessarily a prisoner of his past and can change. But communication with Richard Hart questions. On social networks, he likes Richard Hart for example Visibly show one’s “obtained” wealth through HEX encryption. For example, in a Tweet from August 18, 2021Richard Heart is proud to own the equivalent of $2 million worth of watches. In the tweet, he also introduced his new $555,000 Richard Mille watch before adding “Awesome HEX!”

Questionable facts

HEX crypto is not currently available on major exchanges. Currently, the only way to get HEX is to use DEX as Uniswap or 1 inch. It is not necessarily a guarantee of confidence when you know that almost any currency can be listed on the DEX.

Moreover, there are significant discrepancies between the capitalization of the HEX coin and its place in the world rankings. According to sources, HEX crypto capitalization is estimated Between 31 and 39 billion dollars. However, apart from Nomics which shows HEX in 9th place, most aggregators and exchanges (including CoinMarketCap, Crypto.com, Binance…) put the coin at 201. Incidentally, CoinMarketCap has long refused to integrate crypto HEX. Today, the angle is listed on the site, but CoinMarketCap intentionally declines to rank the coin based on reported capitalization.

Finally, the website presenting the HEX project does not give more confidence. While the real technical document is still pending, the site has a very detailed page meant to explain Why HEX is not…a scam.

So, eldorado or “HEX” nihilo scam? You will find all opinions about this encryption on the web. However, as mentioned above, you should be aware that there are signs of skepticism to say the least and you should make any investor do his or her own research before buying HEX coins.


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