All About Leroy Merlin Home Automation Box for Connected Home

[ENKI] In 2017, the French brand created its own home automation fund to democratize connected objects in the home.

What is Enki in Leroy Merlin?

Enki is the home automation solution for on-site or remote control of things connected to the smart home of the French brand Leroy Merlin. The Enki app was launched in March 2017 and the fund has been marketed as of May 2018 in the French market. Developed as a non-specific solution, Enki integrates five communication protocols to ensure product interoperability (Wifi, Bluetooth, EnOcean, DiO 433 MHz, Zigbee).

What is the Enki Fund?

To be able to operate and control all connected objects, it is necessary to install the Enki box, which acts as a gateway. The box, which is 16 cm high, 20.6 cm wide and 21.8 cm deep, controls and connects the device to each other. It allows the user to program on his smartphone, via the app, scenarios, for example between roller blinds and his lights. The Enki Box is marketed at €119 at Leroy Merlin, which offers a discount if other things are connected.

What is the scope of the Enki Fund?

The scope of the box varies according to the communication protocol used by the connected objects and the size of the walls. In Enocean, the operating distance is 20-30m, when it is 10-20m for Zigbee connected objects. On the other hand, the DiO 433 MHz protocol ensures operation between the box and devices up to 50m in free fields.

To use the solution, the user should download the free Enki app, which is available on iOS and Android, on their smartphone. He must then enter his box’s identification number, connect the latter to his Wifi, and then go to the My Stuff tab, in order to pair it with the box. Leroy Merlin also offers an expert home installation of the Enki box and related items from €88 for 2 hours.

Enki . app

The app is available on iOS and Android. © Leroy Merlin

The Enki app, available on iOS and Android, allows users to control connected objects of different brands from their smartphone. 500 connected items from 25 different compatible brands. In particular, the user can define areas for programming his scenarios.

Connected to a Wifi network, or connected to an Ethernet network, the Enki box translates the language of the connected objects to make them controllable. It integrates five communication protocols, namely Wifi, Bluetooth, EnOcean, DiO 433MHz and Zigbee.

Enki and Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, Enki integrated voice in July 2019. Leroy Merlin wanted to give users the ability to control Enki according to the interface of their choice: app, button, remote and voice. Enki can work with Google Home but also without it, thanks to the Google Assistant on Android. The user can, for example, launch a scenario at home remotely with audio using his or her connected watch.

Inky and Alexa

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, joined the Enki ecosystem in December 2019. Enki’s compatibility with Alexa allows controlling Enki scenarios by voice in two ways:

  • Via Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Fire TV with Alexa
  • Through the Amazon Alexa mobile app

A user with a speaker connected to an Amazon Echo, for example, can preprogram a routine on the Amazon Alexa mobile app, to trigger a series of actions including Enki scenarios. Enki scenarios including security object (siren, alarm, etc.) cannot be triggered by sound.

What is the Enki Connect Fund?

Enki Connect is a home automation box dedicated to connected lighting, introduced to the market by Leroy Merlin on November 16, 2021. Equipped with a small 6.36 Showing a cm “to be as invisible as possible”, Enki Connect allows control of the six references to the Lexman range of connected lamps, the Leroy Merlin brand was launched in October 2020 (read our article Leroy Merlin launches sale of connected objects under its brand), but also all lamps Connected lighting from application partner brands. “Lighting is the first smart home use to be tested by consumers, one in two Enki customers has a bulb connected,” confirms Laurent Glaser, Connected Home Strategy Director and prospective director at Leroy Merlin, confident that demand will continue to grow. Increased thanks to the ease of programming via the application.

He points out that the interest in connected lighting is three-dimensional: it allows you to create a lighting atmosphere to personalize your home and increase its comfort, but above all it has a key role in security by simulating presence, “a solution more accessible than installing an alarm”, and allows energy savings thanks to remote control, an argument” essential in this period of rising energy costs.”

Consumers simply plug in the Enki Connect box, connect it to their home Wifi and add it to the Enki app to control the operation and color of their lights via smartphone, remote control or voice (up to twenty in total). The latter communicates in Zigbee, and will later integrate Matter’s protocol. With this portal sold for €29.90, against €119 for the Enki Public Fund, Leroy Merlin reaffirms his desire to democratize connected things.

Updates are done automatically over the Internet. The user can start the update manually. Leroy Merlin updated Enki in June 2020 to enable new features, such as the sunrise/sunset feature, which can now be used as a scenario requirement.

Enki and Somfy

Leroy Merlin teamed up with Somfy and integrated a Somfy RTS radio unit into the Enki box so it could control all of the awning’s motors, doors and roller shutter. About fifty Somfy products are compatible with Enki.

What products are Enki compatible with?

Over 500 connected components from 25 different brands compatible with Enki, from Philips Hue bulbs to Sauter radiators. Leroy Merlin has also designed its own line of connected lamps under its Lexman brand, which has been in the market since October 2020. In 2018, Leroy Merlin joined forces with HomeServe to offer its customers insurance on connected objects.

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