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It’s a true evolving 2.0 economy: that of the blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that makes it possible to store and transmit information transparently, securely and above all without a central controlling body. It contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its inception.

One of its most famous uses is cryptocurrency, a virtual currency (the first being bitcoin) whose exchange is registered on the blockchain.

Today, the cryptocurrency market accounts for just over $2 trillion (two thousand billion), or roughly 15% of the global physical gold market.

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But the blockchain also affects sectors other than money: art, industry, administration…

All over the world, entrepreneurs, companies, administrations – and now entire countries – are trying to take advantage of what this technology can provide.

According to Helmuth Banner, editor-in-chief of the Journal du Coin, the consensus on this topic is that it is now certain that in 2030, the sector will be worth about $1.5 trillion worldwide.
For France alone, on the same time horizon, the average forecast expects the blockchain sector to weigh in at €58 billion in 2030, or 2% of the national GDP.

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In fenua, more and more Polynesians are interested in it. The topic is interesting but complex. To enlighten local decision makers but also the population in general and youth in particular, an event has been organized: PICS (Polynesia Islands Crypto Summit), June 5-7. The event is organized by Hellmouth Banner in partnership with the Directorate-General for the Digital Economy. What gives credibility to a topic can sometimes frighten more than one topic.

Three days of conferences are planned, with 15 speakers in two different locations. 750 people can be welcomed face-to-face at the Polynesian Factory and at the Intercontinental Tahiti Hotel, and it will also be possible to follow the event remotely via the Internet on a dedicated website.

It will determine the change of all our daily practices

Hellmouth Banner, editor of the Journal du Quin and organizer of the PICS event

The aim will be to present the opportunities that the sector offers to Polynesia. “The idea is to make a show, to say ‘this is what is happening today on a global scale’, this is what is happening in Asia, this is what is happening in the United States, this is what is happening in Europe, this is how blockchain technologies impose themselves, day in and day out, It publishes and supports uses that will change our daily lives (…) and this is not an exaggeration.”explains Hellmouth Banner. What I often call the continent of the blockchain, the continent of crypto, will define change in all of our daily practices, whether it is monetary, economic, technical, governance, or the use we will make of networks (…). A revolution is underway where Polynesia has its place (…) as a territory, but where Polynesians have their place.”

Another objective of this event will be to promote Polynesia to other countries that are already ahead of this technology. “Polynesia has playing cards in terms of attractiveness (…) about which very little is known in terms of what it offers, and its advantages: a stable institutional structure, a French environment, a relatively financial attractiveness …”

The organizer promises to make these complex concepts accessible and reveal use cases: opportunities in terms of employment, benefit to entrepreneurs, etc.

To highlight the importance of this phenomenon, Hellmouth Banner explains“Today we’re talking about blockchain, we’re talking about crypto, token, NFT… It’s a bit like if I talked to you about the Internet in 1995.”

Hellmouth Banner, editor of the Journal du Quin and organizer of the PICS event

PICS (Polynesia Cryptography Summit)
From 5 to 7 June 2022
Polynesia factory
InterContinental Tahiti
The event is free and open to all. Upcoming information and recordings by clicking here

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