Velas (VLX) – Blockchain seeks developers to populate its ecosystem

There is no shortage of blockchain projects. Their number continues to grow at the rate of adoption in the cryptocurrency sector. A very competitive field, dominated by some central projects revolving around the master of the place Ethereum. This is why so many incentive formulas are put in place to provide welcome insight. And this is while inviting developers and other protocols to come and populate these under-construction ecosystems. The logic the Velas Project (VLX) seems to be sticking to with the help of a $100 million envelope.

The current major blockchain projects account for a large share of the volumes registered in this sector. But also the playgrounds favored by developers wanting to build the next base protocol. However, it soon becomes complicated to keep track of the list of identical offers accumulated on the same network. There is another solution: It will populate the nascent micro-ecosystems It remains untouched by any real internal competition.

Because in the current logic of development, Each of these networks needs at least a decentralized platform and a dedicated DeFi environment. But also offers from productive agriculture to attract migratory flows of digital liquidity. Or even projects in the world of NFTs and/or crypto games, which are currently booming. Many fields such as Blockchain Velas (VLX) wants to see the emergenceusing a $100 million grant program.

Velas (VLX) – A network that has not yet been built

The Velas (VLX) blockchain project is not necessarily a newcomer in the cryptocurrency industry. Because its development structure, located in the Swiss Silicon Valley in the canton of Zug, has existed at least in theory for several years. But the actual creation of its network has already crystallized over the past year. With the debut of the first decentralized platform (DEX) called WagyuSwap (WAG) in September. The latter on top of more than 96% dominance over Network currently limited to TVL worth $16.4 million.

But the development ambitions of the Vilas project are very real. Because everything still has to be built inside this very small ecosystem. The latter is currently It is populated with fifteen physical protocols online and 70 in total, if we add those in the build phase. It is all backed by ambitious operations, such as the partnership signed at the beginning of the year with the Ferrari eSport Series digital team. And a grant program for developers wishing to participate in this outbreak.

Velas (VLX) – $100 million to boost its ecosystem

And to do so, Project Vilas has created a $100 million fund to support the growth of its ecosystem. But also to allow its registration in Web3 development to be extended. This is with an operating model based on Solana’s “best” (SOL) associated with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible solution. An offer has been in effect since the end of last year, but it is still valid.

The $100 million Velas Grant Program allows developers to put their great ideas into practice as quickly as possible. Each project has the potential to get up to $100,000. In addition, selected teams can have access to all the resources needed to support the rapid growth of their projects.


however, Investing and/or creating in this Velas ecosystem remains a bet. Due to its small size and the weakness of its TVL can be a sign of an interesting opportunity, as it is quite the opposite. But the strong dynamic it seems to drive the development team with allows you to imagine the best. Especially if we notice The more than 75% increase recorded by the cryptocurrency VLX a few days ago, is in the middle of a bear market. With the price increasing from $0.12 to $0.22, it is currently back at $0.18 at the time of writing (a 21% increase in the end).

This article is about cryptocurrency news. This is not financial investment advice. Any position taken must be accompanied by personal research and requires reference to several sources prior to launch. Dior!

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