Bee2link integrates funding data into a CRM agency

Version 06/05/2022

Codenekt, watching the life of the French fleet of cars in the crosshairs

After first collecting donations in 2019, Codenekt is currently conducting two new fundraisers for €1.5 million. The company has developed an application that centralizes all information related to the vehicle, which ensures its safety using NFT technology.


Thomas Goldbaum is the new commercial director of Citroen Germany

Thomas Goldboom joined Stellantis on May 1, 2022 as Commercial Director of Citroën Germany.


The new edition of the special issue “Buildings Structure Plan 2022” has been published.

This exclusive special issue published by takes a freezing frame for car manufacturers’ management teams.

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Maria Rutger has been appointed head of the Michelin Nordic region

Effective 1 June 2022, Maria Rutger becomes Head of the North European Region at Michelin, succeeding Anish Taneja.


BMW sells less but earns more

AFP high-end.


French car production is 34% lower than it was before the epidemic

The National Institute of Industrial Production said on Thursday that industrial production fell 0.5% in March, after it had already fallen sharply by 1.2% in February. The auto industry was the hardest hit, down 7.3% (after -5.4%).


ALD Automotive achieves record margins on reselling its used cars

(AFP) – Car rental company ALD sold its cars in the first quarter with profits of more than 3,100 euros per vehicle in an extremely tense market for used cars, according to figures published Thursday.


Stellantis boosts sales amid market slowdown

(AFP) — Automaker Stellantis saw first-quarter revenue increase 12% year-over-year on higher prices and a solid performance for Jeep in North America, despite lower sales overall (-12%).


Hybrid and electric cars continue to invade Europe

(AFP) – Hybrid and electric cars continued to conquer European markets in the first quarter, the Association of European Manufacturers (ACEA) said Thursday.


Pricing power, real leverage or window dressing?

Pricing strength has become one of the preferred expressions for manufacturers to explain how they are performing or improving their margins. After Stellantis and Volkswagen en Renault, it’s GM’s turn to use the expression to justify its margins in the current political-economic-logistical context. In fact, this translates into different situations and solutions to try and prove the success of different profit increasing strategies.


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ALD Automotive achieves record margins on reselling its used cars

(AFP) – Car rental company ALD sold its cars in the first quarter with profits of more than 3,100 euros per vehicle in an extremely tense market for used cars, according to figures published Thursday.


VTC: Uber is doing better than expected but its headline falls on the heels of Lyft

(Reuters) – Uber on Wednesday reported better-than-expected quarterly results and a higher-than-expected quarterly operating margin, saying that unlike rival Lyft it does not need to increase its revenue and expenses to attract new drivers.


Free2Move triples its car-sharing business with the acquisition of Share Now

Stellantis’ ambition to achieve €2.8 billion in turnover in 2030 with its mobility services subsidiary Free2Move is confirmed by the acquisition of Share Now and its 10,000 vehicles in 14 European cities.


Ford launches global service through its electric vehicles

With the electric launch of Transit, Ford Pro supports its customers with a full offering, including vehicle leasing, charging infrastructure, central billing and telecommunications solutions, in partnership with leasing company ALD.


Europcar benefits from rebounding demand but fears rising costs

(AFP) – Europcar on Thursday reported a jump in its sales and a positive margin in the first quarter, thanks to a return in demand that should be confirmed in the coming months, even if it is wary of increasing its costs.


PR Logistics: The Sterne Group strengthened its automotive business with the acquisition of the German company Nox

As responsible for overnight deliveries of parts to the automatic distribution network in France, the Sterne Group is gaining a foothold in parts logistics for manufacturers through the acquisition of its German counterpart Nox NachtExpress.


Diac offers a multi-use Visa card to buyers of Renaults electric cars

To reassure customers who switch to electric, Renault offers them a number of support services, such as a multi-use Visa card to finance the purchase and installation of their own charging station at home. , recharge their electric car on the public grid thanks to integrated RFID technology, while offering 1% cashback on all their purchases.


TotalEnergies supplies the largest car park with electric stations in France

The Saemes Madeleine-Tronchet (Paris 8) car park is now equipped with 505 electric charging stations. Today, it is the largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployed in France.


Car rental company Carlili raised 24 million euros to buy 300 Tesla

Short-term car rental company Carlili has just raised 24 million euros with the main objective of acquiring a fleet of 300 Teslas and expanding its geographical coverage to major French cities. Its founder, Vincent Moendrot, reveals his strategy and ambitions.


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