Axie Infinity: New Measures to Strengthen Ronin . Network

Do not enter the construction site The news regularly reminds us of the importance of security. The Axie Infinity NFT blockchain is an example of this. In fact, on March 23, Ronin, the Ethereum network sidechain, was It has been stripped of 173,600 Ether (ETH) and $25 million. Sky Mavis, the parent company of the play to earn the game, has been able to demonstrate its ability to respond without restoring its entire network. Construction begins.

Ronin: Castle for Axie Infinity

We know that now Lazarus, a North Korean hacker group He is responsible for towing the pool ETH/USDC from Katana (Decentralized Ronen Exchange). United nations meThe alarm sounded a few months ago Already against the threat of North Korean cyber attacks, the FBI and the Treasury Department conducted an investigation into this case and Ethers have been traced.

Axie Infinity takes lessons from this hack. In a recent ad, the Giant Gaining Play then announced the strengthening and securing of its network. The contours of the roadmap are emerging. Then:

  • Work with security experts and manage network monitoring (CrowdStrike and Polaris Infosec).
  • To increase the number of validators on the Ronin network. They actually go from 9 to 11, then 21 proofreaders in three months.
  • To establish stricter internal procedures.

“We are very grateful to all the law enforcement officials we have worked with to help us identify intruders. notOur goal now is to ensure this does not happen again by implementing the strictest security measures. »

ronin network, advertisement official

It is also for developers to fight evil with evil. So they offer hackers and developers to cooperate with them in exchange for a reward of $1 million. their mission? Find the bug, the backdoor before a new hacker discovers it.

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Ronin: Building site for the future?

For now, the ronin network remains partially closed. Also, once the side chain has resumed at full capacity, pending drawdowns can be carried over. The Sky Mavis team confirms that the damaged bridge will not open until it is secured. as a bridge reminder (bridge) is the link between the Ethereum blockchain and the Ronin network. Facilitates transactions and reduces Gas costs sometimes rise on the Ethereum blockchain.

Binance, Guardian Angel Ronin Is there for support. In fact, the cryptocurrency giant provides a deposit and withdrawal infrastructure for Axie users. This bridge between Ronin and Binance is convenient. However, it does not allow full use of NFTs and various game tokens.

Sky Mavis remains aware of the work that remains to be done. Through the voice of Ronen, the Vietnamese company affirms its desire for development:

“We are grateful to the community, our amazing board of directors and law enforcement officials who have all been with us to help us navigate this uncharted territory and ensure we come out of this stronger than ever.(…) Our commitment to building a community-led digital nation that invites gamers to learn Web3 technology while building a better decentralized world together is unwavering. We are ready to resume construction. »

So it seems a bit difficult for the network to regain its former glory. However, the ronin network is combative and secures its structure. While users seemed to avoid playing for the sake of earning, the launch of Axie Origin, which offers a complete overhaul of the game, unleashes new era buildings. Despite weak markets, tired of penetration, Axie Infinity’s judgment on NFT blockchain gaming is no longer a foregone conclusion.

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