How do you know its IP address?

Why do you know your IP address?

An IP address is the most common way to identify a device that connects to the Internet. This applies equally to computers, tablets, smartphones, or modems. It can be set permanently or temporarily and used to connect to different websites. It is not necessary to inform him to navigate. You only need to specify the desired domain name in the search engine.

The computer system takes care of converting the DNS type address (domain name) into an IP address. An IP address ensures that the information is sent to the correct recipient. The principle is similar to asking for a phone number or sending a letter with a specific postal address.

For the user, knowing their IP address can come in handy in the event of a connection problem or computer failure. If it is necessary to possess certain skills, this address also makes it possible to manage network assignments for each device, as well as access conditions or restrictions. It is also useful in the following areas:

  • Online video game releases;
  • detect proxy, the relay server used to store data;
  • Connect a computer, remote device, etc.

Likewise, the IP address plays an essential role in managing personal data on the web, such as geographic location or consulting specific sites. To enjoy complete anonymity, you must use a Virtual Private Network (or VPN).

Example of an IP address:

Eco Pole

How do you know its public IP address?

There are two types of IP addresses: public and private. The public IP address is issued by your ISP (or ISP), which identifies the network itself. It acts as an intermediary between a private IP address (dedicated to a device) and the web. In the event of a disconnection or a problem with the Internet connection, it is generally checked by technical assistance.

There are several solutions to find out your public IP address. The easiest way is to use an online IP address checker. Depending on the specific service, you may have your geographic location and the identity of your ISP. How do you find out its IP address? For IPv4 (the most common), it’s a string of four numbers with a value between 0 and 255.

You can also get it by asking your ISP. When logging into the device settings, follow this procedure:

  • go to the account or service settings;
  • select “Internet access”;
  • Check the integrity of your services with your “online status” which also indicates your IP address.

Another possibility is to ask a search engine: “What is my IP address?”. Then some systems display it automatically. Like a private IP address, it can be static, and in this case, it’s permanent. In the event that it is dynamic, its assignment is temporary and subject to change.

How do you find its IP address?

The private IP address is the identifier assigned to each of your devices to connect to the router. It is set manually or automatically. To find out your IP address in Windows, you will do the following:

  • Go to the “Start” menu and select Command Prompt, either “Run”, then “Cmd”;
  • Type the code line “ipconfig /all”, “winipcfg” or “cmd /k ipconfig /all” depending on your operating system version.

This solution obtains your computer’s IP address, as well as the connection name and MAC (Media Access Control) address of the network card. For Windows 10, just select the connection icon on the taskbar, then the active connection from the Connected function.

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If you are using a Mac, click on the System Preferences menu and go to the Network option. Then choose Active Connection. The private IP address then appears at the top of the window, in the top right.

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