Atos launches “Edge-to-Cloud” solution based on 5G and AI

Atos launches “Edge-to-Cloud” solution based on 5G and AI

Atos Corporation has announced the launch of Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service (“Atos BOaaS”), the 5G, Edge and IoT offerings developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies. Atos BOaaS leverages the advantages of cloud-to-edge (edge) and cloud-to-edge (far-edge) architecture to extract commercially actionable data using artificial intelligence (AI). Solution deployment, piloting, and management are automated from start to finish.

Edge computing adds complexity to digital systems, and the Internet of Things generates large amounts of untapped valuable data. By bringing together the expertise of Atos and Dell, Atos BOaaS enables companies to quickly achieve tangible and repeatable business results from IoT analytics and data flow. The solution also enables management of the IoT ecosystem from a single dashboard.

Atos BOaaS offers one of the most innovative AI applications on the market, powered by Dell. Dell’s data-streaming platform creates reliable, fast, and secure data lines from the edge to the cloud that enable data analytics. Atos combines all technology components into complementary services, in an on-demand consumption model – enabling customers to focus on the operational benefits of data analytics, both on the edge and in the cloud.

Atos BOaaS has revolutionized digital operations by eliminating companies from the need for on-site technical support, and reducing carbon emissions. Thus, Atos BOaaS enables each customer to save hundreds of tons of CO2 annually. The annual economic and environmental impact of Atos BOaaS can be calculated as follows: At 1,000 retail businesses, the solution saves 66,000 hours in maintenance, compliance, and updates; And up to +1% to 2% in sales volume, which equates to $4.2 million in savings in digital media.

Atos’ ability to innovate is recognized today at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas with the Dell Technologies Global Alliance 2022 – the Global Excellence in Innovation Award, which represents Atos’ unwavering commitment to supporting its customers’ successes in the data age.

Capable of detecting impending failures of remote (far edge) and edge (edge) equipment, the Atos BOaaS can trigger a series of automated actions, such as ordering new hardware solutions, sending an alert to the maintenance team or delivering and configuring the hardware edge-to-Cloud platform. Atos BOaaS optimizes asset utilization in the retail, park and industrial sectors by providing a fully automated, edge-managed cloud environment at scale. Atos BOaaS is based on a “touchless” deployment model which means that settings, configurations, and applications are automatically and securely provisioned to devices. Customer technical teams can configure or modify thousands of devices on the remote edge of the cloud. Atos BOaaS provides an “Application Marketplace” that allows customers to deploy complex analytics and applications at the edge, such as predictive maintenance to avoid failures or simple temperature or vibration monitoring of equipment. Atos’ Computer Vision platform is also available on this application market, allowing customers to run AI-based analyzes and scenarios for their CCTV equipment.

Atos BOaaS simplifies complex digital operations so that technically untrained sales teams can, for example, manage on-site interventions, with the help of automation features built into the system. Once the new device is installed as easy as plugging in a lamp, applications are automatically deployed and business operations begin or resume.

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