A Gigamon survey indicates that 99% of IT and security managers cite cloud complexity as a major barrier to adopting blame migration costs, at 78%.

The survey also reveals that 64% of IT and security managers cite vision as the most important factor in securing and ensuring the performance of a hybrid and multicloud infrastructure.

The study is underway in early 2022. By Pulse, a division of Gartner and Gigamon, an expert in cloud monitoring and analytics, highlights the most important concerns of European IT and security decision-makers embracing hybrid and multi-curve models. They believe there is significant scope to improve their visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud workloads, and view visibility as key to ensuring higher levels of security and better performance.

Advanced network monitoring capability is common

With cyber security at the heart of businesses’ concerns, 50% of panelists surveyed now understand the importance of “advanced monitoring” of the cloud environment. It is the vision that provides real-time, network-wide and actionable risk mitigation insights.

While European and US IT managers view visibility as a key component to enhancing cloud security, European-based organizations rated the visibility of cloud traffic, as well as access to applications and control of data. Traffic, between 20 and 30 points higher than their peers. Americans.

Additionally, 64% of European IT leaders make appearance their top priority when it comes to building a more secure cloud environment.

Cost and complexity are the proven barriers to migrating to the cloud

The Pulse and Gigamon survey also identified cost and complexity as two major barriers to moving to the cloud. According to the study, 78% of European IT managers believe that the high cost of the cloud makes it more difficult to migrate workloads and applications.

Other immigration issues raised include:

  • 98% of respondents agree that network bottlenecks and complex troubleshooting in the cloud slow down migration to hybrid or multicloud
  • 99% say teams do not meet expected levels of service (SLAs) for application workloads due to the complexity of cloud infrastructure
  • 61% believe that the cost and complexity of cloud infrastructure results in the budget cuts that would be needed to invest in other mission-critical applications.

Finally, the survey results indicate that IT managers want to simplify their approach to the cloud to ensure improved security and performance across multiple cloud environments.

In Europe, 68% of respondents said they would rather manage the security of their work environments with a single source for visibility across the entire environment, rather than working in isolation.

The cloud has become an integral part of business strategies and the speed of migration has accelerated exponentially. This means that organizations face a number of challenges for which they were not prepared and were not necessarily budgeted for.. Commented Bertrand de Labruhe, Southern European Sales Director at Gigamon France.It is very positive to see that organizations value visibility as a top priority for cloud security, as well as performance and cost reduction. Ultimately, no advanced level of observation through a comprehensive view of all moving data has been more valuable to the continuity and success of business development.“.

methodology The study was conducted by Pulse, an entity of the Gartner Group, between the end of December and January 2022. 266 people, mostly IT or security services decision makers (Vice Presidents, Managers, Managers) were questioned for large organizations (5,000 employees). ) in North America and Europe.

About Gigamon

Gigamon provides unified network visibility and analytics on all real-time data, from raw packets to applications, across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Source: Gigamon

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