The famous battle franchise comes to mobile

The much awaited Warcraft Arclight Rumble is now official. Blizzard announced on Tuesday. This game, soon available on iOS and Android, will use the codes of the franchise world, which are adapted to smartphones and tablets. With iconic characters back and a bit of a mystery still…

Warcraft Arclight Rumble // Source: Blizzard

Mobile games, the new eldorado for large PC and console licenses. But in its own differences. distance league of legends who gave birth to wild riftAnd Call of duty has become Call of Duty Mobile With the success we know it has hundreds of millions of players, Immortal Diablo In particular, while waiting for landing from apex Legends on smartphone and tablet, it’s turn world of cans To set your foot on the enemy games ground with a new game.

Blizzard Entertainment officially announced on Tuesday, that it was already annoying at the beginning of the year Arclight cans rumblethe first mobile game from the Warcraft universe (different from the card game hearthstone who is it inspired by). A theme that uses franchise-specific game icons to better adapt them to smaller screen layouts and more intuitive controls.

WoW avatars in the encounter

Arclight cans rumble So it’s meant to be a strategy game in which you build an army by recruiting emblematic characters from the franchise (about sixty heroes, opponents, monsters, etc. are available). They will then turn into board game characters that run around leaders, and just like in the PC game, you will have to devise a tactic to eliminate your opponents. You can collect them, assign spells to them, push them to strengthen your army. Pairing certain personalities will provide different synergies. Everything takes place in the world of Azeroth, which is well known to players of Warcraft.

The mobile game offers more than 70 missions to express its tactical meaning and encourages exploration of gameplay mechanics, explains Blizzard. Weekly and monthly challenges will also be in the program, with dungeons, epic raids, and more. Conquest missions allow you to earn additional rewards. You can also replay levels with leaders from five families (Alliance, Beasts, Undead, Horde, Blackrock). Arclight cans rumble It can be played solo, in a competitive or co-op mode. You will also have complete freedom to join other guilds.

Mobile, the new battlefield for token licenses

Why do big licenses go like this? To seduce new players when we know the potential of billions of players represented by mobile media. To also keep those who already have it and who might be tempted to go for a walk next to Fortnite among us where pubg mobile To pass time away from your TV or PC screen.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble: The popular battle franchise comes to mobile
Warcraft Arclight Rumble // Source: Blizzard

Between cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and its popular movies, Google Stadia in its growing catalog, and even Apple Arcade with more family games, smartphone video games are on the rise, and 5G is helping to democratize and facilitate everything. Sometimes on PC or game console account. So it’s all good to keep its players faithful to the known universes and above all take a long time to stop them from spinning elsewhere. What we hear is still known on mobile support. And not Nintendo, the new follower of the mobile versions of Mario and others, or even Sony PlayStation, which has created a dedicated section, would say the opposite…

Warcraft Arclight Rumble Price and Availability

Arclight cans rumble So it is official, but it is not yet available and some elements will have to be clarified, in particular the gameplay. It will arrive on iOS and Android in 2022. No pricing has been announced at the moment.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble: The popular battle franchise comes to mobile

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