Submission of a bill to finance the construction of the new CHL Center

  1. (from left to right) Jean-Paul Fréchelle, commissioner of a state hospital; Paulette Lennert, Minister of Health

  2. Press Conference

    Press Conference

  3. (from left to right) Paul Myers, CHL Managing and Financial Director;  Dr..  Romain Natti, General Manager, CHL

    (from left to right) Paul Myers, CHL Managing and Financial Director; Dr.. Romain Natti, General Manager, CHL

After the aforementioned bill was presented to the House Health and Sports Committee on May 3, the Minister of Health called a press conference to present the details of the project.

The new building of the Luxembourg Hospital Center will be located on the current site of the former maternity ward, along the rue Darlon between Val Fleury and Rue Weederspeil. With a useful area of ​​54,158 square metres, the new building will bring together, in one site, all acute clinical activities currently deployed at the CHL Center and CHL Eich sites, as well as the National Institute of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology (INCCI).

According to construction plans, the new building will be connected directly by a walkway to Annex 1 and Annex 2 of the existing CHL Center building. Along with these annexes, the new hospital building will bear the name of the CHL Centre. Specifically, Annex 1 will house the administrative services of the CHL and INCCI, as well as physicians’ workrooms. Annex 2 will include a runway, several training rooms, physiotherapy rooms and a CHL laboratory.

From design to completion, the construction of the new hospital complex is a unique opportunity to create a hospital of tomorrow that will focus strongly on patient well-being. This will include creating a hospital environment that meets the needs of the future by integrating the technical and digital innovations required to deliver the best patient care and provide an appropriate work environment for our healthcare professionals. The state has allocated a budget of 555.857.000 euros including tax (based on the October 2021 construction price index of 924.32) by the state for the construction of this new hospital, of which 480 million is for infrastructure and 75 million is for equipment and devices.

Architects, engineers and professionals have worked together over the past few years with CHL project teams, and in consultation with the Health Department, with the aim of developing the best possible concept for quality assurance of work later.

Excavation work is scheduled to start in the last quarter of 2022, after a vote on the financing law. The current tentative schedule anticipates completion and operation of the new hospital by the end of 2028.

For the construction of the new hospital, the following aspects were identified as priorities:

  • Typical institution: can track care developments (eg: outpatient rotation).
  • A logical path: so that our institutions are organized according to the needs of patients.
  • A hospital with a humanitarian character: Aiming to be reassuring and efficient for the patient. The distances to be covered should be short and the paths logical and smooth. Respect for patient privacy is also at the heart of the architectural project.
  • CHL is attractive and innovative: where research, education and innovation are the main attractions of attraction.
  • A digital hospital: putting modern technologies at the service of patients and staff.
  • A socially responsible hospital: facing the challenges of sustainable development (CHL also aims to obtain DGNB certification – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen for this construction project).

The design of the future hospital also takes into account the technical and functional implications of managing the pandemic crisis.

The health crisis occurred during the transition period between the brief preliminary project (APS) and the initial detailed project (APD). Fortunately, feedback from the Covid period the hospital teams have been through were able to integrate into the project in the form of a ‘pandemic concept’. The goal is to allow CHL to be able to be fully functional if in the future it has to go through a similar health crisis.

The new hospital in a few key characters:

  • Total budget: €820,960,000 inclusive of VAT (based on index 924.32)
  • Usable area: 54158 m2
  • 12-storey high-rise building (including 3 underground and 1 technical floor)
  • 474 beds (including 20 INCCI beds)
  • 378 rooms (including 67% single rooms)
  • 78 day hospital locations
  • 18 operating rooms (15 operating rooms and 3 INCCI operating rooms)
  • 6 binoculars rooms
  • The adult emergency department is able to accommodate up to 315 patients per day
  • 2 helipads
  • Underground parking for 427 cars

The composition of the winning group in the planning competition:

“4bund Planungsgemeinschaft”:

  • M3 Architects SA (LU)
  • Wörner Traxler Richter Planungsgesellschaft mbH (DE)
  • Goblet Lavandier & Associés Consulting Engineers SA (LU)
  • Best engineering consultants u.
  • R&P Ruffert Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (DE)
  • Club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH (DE)

Other consulting firms accompany 4bund as experts to offer their expertise in terms of:

  • project management,
  • Technical medical equipment concept,
  • hospital cleanliness,
  • organizational and functional concept,
  • medical logistics,
  • logistics pharmacy,
  • professional kitchen design,
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Guidelines,
  • radiation protection,
  • protection from magnetic fields,
  • Banners

Issued by the Ministry of Health and Hospital Center Luxembourg (CHL)

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