Microsoft unveils Windows 365, the Windows 10 PC in the cloud

During the Windows Inspire conference, Microsoft unveiled a new Windows 365 service, to access a full Windows 10 session running in the cloud.

On July 14 and 15, 2021, the Redmond giant will organize the Microsoft Inspire virtual conference, that is, 48 ​​hours dedicated to new cloud services, with the aim of providing its partners and historical companies with the resulting opportunities. We’ve already known that for a few years now, between OneDrive, Azure or Office 365, it’s a new ecosystem that Microsoft is taking very seriously and is already available in multiple services.

Credit: Microsoft

Today a new brick was added to the building. With Windows 365, you have an on-demand virtual machine in which you enjoy your Windows 10 session. Easily accessible with a simple internet connection, so your new virtual desktop can be manipulated from any type of device, whether it’s a very modest thin client or tablet Or a smartphone or even a device from competing ecosystems, like macOS or iPad.

Cloud Computing View About Azure Virtual Desktop

Concretely, the virtual machine is based on the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service, a virtualization solution available since September 2019, with clients available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and all HTML5-enabled browsers. The simplest pre-configured, Windows 365 will be available from August 2nd on You are free to choose a specific device configuration, through an assistant, and then click a button to start the session.

Picture 2: Microsoft unveils Windows 365, a Windows 10 PC in the cloud
Credit: Microsoft

At the moment, we do not yet know the price of this solution, nor the possibility of a selective cost, depending on the options you choose and the duration of the solution. According to a presentation by Scott Manchester, Director of Programs for Windows 365, virtual machines can have up to eight virtual cores, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage. Options can also unleash the power of the GPU that can be accessed through this type of virtual machine, to do a more specific job.

It is clear that such a service is not intended for the general public but rather for small businesses, which essentially no longer have to invest in a fleet of heavy clients, to be replenished regularly. According to the principle of Microsoft accounts and dynamic deployment sessions, the same employee can find the state of his system on a variety of platforms. During the demonstration, Microsoft presented a series of manipulations that did not seem to suffer from latency, in particular the delivery of videos without artefacts, indicating a certain mastery of QoS rules and compression techniques, in the manner of work done by the French Shadow / Blade for their presentation “Cloud computing” Now in the hands of OVH.

Towards remote work at scale on devices that users know

Implicitly, the shift made by Windows 11, which favors connectivity solutions to the degree of integration of Microsoft Teams from the taskbar, and with this new Windows 365 service, indicates that Microsoft is turning its tools and solutions into the light of generalized remote working by the Covid-19 pandemic. Simply put, Windows 365 will allow you to easily use your desktop computers to switch between a personal session and a professional session in an instant, without a large investment on the part of businesses. The main goal of Windows 365 is to simplify the deployment of these sessions, without any prior configuration for end users. “We will continue to maintain great experiences on client computerssays Melissa Grant, Director of Product Marketing for Windows 365. We have established a special relationship with Laptop Fleet. What we want to offer with Windows 365 is the ability to enjoy the same familiar and consistent Windows experience on other devices. “.

See you on August 2nd to test this new cloud computing solution in more detail.

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