How much do your neighbors earn, how many families pay taxes in the Loiret municipalities.. what the public finance figures reveal

The Ministry of Economy and Finance publishes the main tax figures each year (they can be found here), by municipality, department, region … Each of these levels (with the exception of the smallest municipalities, for reasons of confidentiality) is reported in particular: total taxable reference income ( which takes into account all family income, whether taxable or not), the number of taxable families, or the number of taxable families whose income consists of salaries and wages and those receiving pensions and pensions.

That’s what they say The latest figures published in 2020 about the 2019 revenues of Laura’s department.

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Definition of

Your reference tax income is calculated by the tax authorities from your net taxable income. To get the taxable reference income, the following items must be added:
Some tax-exempt income (for example, tips paid in 2022 or 2023 or bonuses for overseas delegates)
Certain income subject to withholding tax (for example, income from transferred capital)
– Certain provision: a flat rate or proportional reduction applied on the basis of calculating the deductible tax (income, property value, etc.) (for example, a 40% allowance on dividends)
Certain expenses deducted from income (for example, retirement savings contributions and bonuses deducted from gross income)

Those who earn less, those who earn more

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Departmental analysis of the figures provided by the DGF in Loire shows that out of a total of 385,645 families, there are approximately 18.9% (i.e. 72,873 families) have a reference tax income of less than €10,000 per year. On the contrary, there are 5,873 households (1.5%) declaring more than 100,000 euros per year.

What is the average tax revenue for each municipality?

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The document of the General Directorate of Public Finance for each municipality, indicates the cumulative reference tax income for all families, whether they are subject to tax or not. So it is easy to extract an average for each municipality.

For a long time, Ardon has been the municipality where the reference average tax income for each family The highest was in Loiret, reaching 52,063 euros. But the city is now overthrown by the small town of Genoa, Le Moulinet-sur-Solin, with an average reference tax income of 55,577 euros. At the top of the podium we also find the charming village of Combleux at €51,315.

On the other hand, the municipalities with the lowest average reference tax income per household are Chalet sur Long for 17,612 euros and Montargues (18,148 euros). Above, we find Pithiviers at €19,188.

These numbers should be read in moderation, because the average can mask large discrepancies from one household to the next.

What percentage of households pay tax by municipality?

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If the aforementioned municipalities in Pithiviers, Montargis and Châlette-sur-Loing, only 35 to 36% of families are taxed, there are differences in the municipalities where the average reference tax income for each family was the highest. Thus, in Combleux we find the highest rate of taxable households at 78.07%. In second place, in the small town of Morville-in-Boss, 75.49% of households are taxed, just ahead of Ardon at 75.12%.

What is the percentage of employees and retirees for each municipality?

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The file of the Directorate General of Finance shows the number of tax families that declare their salary and those that announce a retirement pension. The proportion of employees is higher in two municipalities in West Orleans, Huêtre (78.62% of tax families are employed) and Boulay-les-Barres (78.51%).

On the contrary, pensioners are more numerous in some municipalities in East Orleans. In Champoulet, only 44.44% tax households earn salaries, which makes 55.56% retired. At Le Charme, there are also 55% of retirees.

What is the average monthly salary for each municipality?

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The average salary per household shows some surprises compared to the average tax reference income per household (our second map). Thus, if Combleux and Ardon remain at the top of the table, with the highest average salary in Loiret, the municipality of Moulinet-sur-Solin has an average salary per inhabitant of 2,311 euros.

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