Hex Mode Cloud Storage in Leviia

French startup Leviia, which specializes in online storage and basic backup, is thinking big. With its cloud solution powered by OVH, the company wants to establish itself in the SMI market that is monopolized by American players.

In the online storage scene, French providers like Oodrive (SecNumCloud certified) are competing with file-sharing giants Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Box. For individuals as well as for VSE and SMBs, choosing a basic backup solution – without virtual machines or containers – but on-premises has many advantages. Based in Ile-de-France, Livia now presents itself as a French alternative. This startup was launched at the end of October 2020 by Arnaud Meauzoone, with the support of his brother William Meauzoone and sister Mathilde Meauzoone, an online storage solution based on German open source NextCloud technology (with NVME SSDs on OVH servers).

“Today, American players dominate the market almost exclusively,” admits Arnaud Meauzoone. Individuals with online storage needs primarily turn to Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox solutions for easy integration. Companies that have backup issues with servers or NAS – with or without an object gateway – turn to AWS Glacier, Azure Blob, GCP Coldline, Backblaze B2, Informatik kDrive, ICeDrive, etc. To overcome this lack of French and GDPR compliant solutions, Arnaud Meauzoone launched Leviia with the help of three developers to meet the growing demand. “Today, we have 40 new customers every day.” The young shoot rate recently exceeded 1,200 French speaking clients and 70 professional clients.

Competitive prices

For individual customers, five offers are available ranging from 1.80 EUR excluding VAT per month (100 GB) to 36 EUR excluding VAT per month (10 TB). In terms of professionals, Leviia offers six offerings including one specifically designed to customize the user interface. Offers range from €72 excluding VAT per month (20 TB) to € 351 excluding VAT per month (100 TB). Regarding the 500TB and 1000TB offerings, future customers should contact Leviia directly. Small NAS support for small and medium businesses – Qnap, Synology or Western Digital – is provided via the WebDAV protocol. Thanks to automation, the startup can adapt to the demand, with purchase and installation in just a few clicks, as with the termination of the commitment. However, there is no free access with a small amount of data to test the platform. During use, the platform reacts to fast transfers. This was not really the case with Hubic.

Leviia currently targets four types of users: individuals, start-ups, SMEs, administrations (large cities, town halls, etc.) and vendors. The founder thus explains that part of his model is dependent on these vendors; Some of its customers are already reselling Leviia’s cloud storage solution to third-party customers. The company has a very diversified portfolio, with clients from construction, real estate, photography, aviation, travel, as well as town halls and towns. Recently, the company has also seen an increase in the number of clients of IT organizations. Supports Livia

Easy transportation and guaranteed safety

The solution currently supports file transfer from Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. It provides documentation on this topic to support users who want to transfer their data from one of these solutions to Leviia. The young man plans to support other solutions in parallel. A development plan is underway to facilitate the transfer of OVH’s disappointing Hubic service (the platform is no longer accepting new clients). Note that Leviia is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux but also on Android and iOS (with an app).

Wanting to ensure the reliability of the solution and data security, Leviia has chosen to back up all of its customers’ data on the three OVH sites in France (Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg) and backups are made every evening. Arnaud Mozon does not hesitate to dwell on security, which is crucial to him. “We offer server-side encryption, end-to-end encryption, and our customers can set up client-side encryption if they want to.” Leviia is committed to complete data isolation and also provides protection against ransomware. He concludes, “There is nothing left to chance.”

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