Google Maps: Why is it time to stop using this app on the iPhone?

Mark Zuckerberg is no longer the only one in Apple’s crosshairs now. In fact, it looks like Google can be put in the same basket. This has serious repercussions for the more than 1 billion iPhone users, as the struggle for consumer data and loyalty has suddenly escalated. Recently, Apple and Google updated their apps, which is why it might be time to start removing some features, including Google Maps.

recognized, The Google Keep catching up apple On the privacy front, as evidenced by Android 12’s potential improvements to data encryption on Android Messages and Workspace, as well as the new ” privacy protection From the internet giant. The truth is that Google is the largest data-focused advertising company in the world, and neither is Apple. Finally, who do you trust?
Even after choosing to deny access to location data for all these apps by disabling ” Location service On the iPhone, it’s obviously impossible to do the same with the Maps apps. Although many iPhone users are associated with Google Mapsand the disturbing comparison between its privacy rating and .’s privacy score maps You should give Apple serious cause for concern.

Simply put, the problem is that all the data that Google Maps claims it can collect is tied to your personal identity. This is how Google works. It’s all about building your profile, your schedule. And if it is possible to search your Google account settings to delete certain data, most consumers don’t care, why would they? As he explained it well Kate O’Flaherty“Everything Google does works great; yes, you have to give up your privacy, but if you don’t care about your privacy, everything works and everything combines perfectly.”
Google minimizes privacy risks by saying “Google Maps is designed to protect your information. We provide controls to easily manage your settings and use the latest technologies such as aggregate differential To ensure the security of your data. We continue to make Google Maps the best and most accurate way to navigate and explore the world, with rich local business information, best-in-class search and navigation, and helpful features like COVID filter or live attendance information. »

However, this is a difficult situation to take when you have full The business model is based on user data and targeted advertising. When asked about privacy, Google points out that it is possible to prevent Maps from collecting data on the iPhone by selecting hidden modeand that any data collected within its privacy label is not associated with specific individuals or accounts.
However, this more private mode of navigation has serious implications for functionality: no “shuttle”, no location history, sharing, search history or suggestions, no limitations on the navigation assistant, no offline maps or Your places. The plus side of this browsing mode is that Google will stop storing custom location history and timeline.

Google Maps has always been popular with iPhone users. When Apple adopted its own app in 2012, many were offended. This was partly because users were still addicted to Google Maps and partly because Apple Maps’ initial rendering was poor. The perfect example of a semi-finished product launched very soon.
“But the plans are really good now,” he said. Davy Winder From the Saudi Telecom Company. “I use CarPlay and have seen the new map updates and they are much better than Google Maps… I am really amazed.”

However, for many iPhone users, there was simply no need to switch to Google Maps, even though the navigation app is still the most popular on the iPhone.Apple App Store. However, Apple wants users to think twice now by declaring a file Major update with iOS 15.
“Apple is committed to building the best map in the world, and iOS 15 takes Maps even further with all new ways to navigate and explore. Users will experience significantly improved city details for neighborhoods, shopping areas, elevation, buildings, new colors and road markings, custom landmarks, and a new Night Mode,” she says. With the exploding moon.”

Back to secrecy, beyond mapping, apple outperforms Google in many applications, including Chrome/Safari and Gmail/Mail. Obviously, the core Apple apps (Maps, Safari, and Mail) are installed by default, but now Apple wants to make sure you’re using them.
for users Carplay Like Davey Winder, the map update will offer “A 3D urban driving experience With new route details that will help users better see and understand important features such as curves, averages, bike paths and pedestrian crossings. Transit passengers can easily find nearby stations and install their favorite lines. Maps automatically follow the selected transit route, to alert users when it’s almost time to get off, and users can also track the flight on their Apple Watch. With iOS 15, users simply hold their iPhone in the air and Maps creates a highly accurate location to provide detailed walking directions in augmented reality. »

Apart from the flashy new features, Privacy is the biggest distinguishing factor. The idea is that you can take advantage of features similar to those in Google and its transparent ecosystem, without compromising your privacy or sacrificing your data. For his part, the Google’s business model is data-driven And if the company seriously upgrades its privacy label, the motives as well as the potential end result would be very different.
Google is now having a problem with some of its major apps on the iPhone. Its privacy labels are very poor compared to other similar apps. Lots of data is collected, all linked to individual identities. At the same time, Apple seeks to integrate Privacy setback in 2021His message beats at home. For Google, the internet giant will continue to enforce its own privacy measures, and Android 12 will bring improvements to its users.

The truth is that if you value your privacy, you have to be careful about the apps you install and the services you use. With the improvements made to Maps, it’s time to cut Google’s access to your search and browsing data. Likewise, you should stick with apps like Safari or Mail, or more private alternatives like Proton Mel where DuckDuckGo.
By not giving that level of thought to app and service decisions, users are sending the message that they don’t mind being the product, that their data is somehow a free domain, and they are okay with keeping things the way they are. Even worse, users are also showing that even though they pay the highest amount for a more secure and private iPhone, they don’t mind putting it at risk with the data they freely provide. This must stop.
As much as you love Google Maps, these stark data-collection discoveries come just as Apple is dramatically improving its Maps app. So it’s time to consider deleting the Google Maps app and shutting down at least this part of Google’s data collection machine.

Article translated from the American Forbes magazine – Author: Zach Douffman

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