Bitcoin (BTC) and the holistic digital identity

Bitcoin (BTC) is not only the ultimate development of money, but above all else it is the last bulwark against the inclusiveness that programmable money and digital identity promise us.

A digital identity?

The Internet was created without an identification system. We use usernames and passwords when necessary.

Some use password managers while others use buttons “Connect with Facebook / Apple / Google”. Conveniently, however, clicking these buttons is like scattering your private data in the four winds.

However, the issue of online identity is attracting renewed interest, if only because of Facebook’s “metaverse” that essentially integrates economic remittances. It is already possible to purchase, for example, pairs of virtual shoes whose ownership takes the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Code).

This virtual world is a kind of remake of the game. second life‘, as well as augmented reality. Mark Zuckerberg hopes to make billions by immersing our minds in a virtual world where digital identity is called upon to play a huge role.

Verifying the identity of the virtual variable self will become imperative.” Can we read in the future identity blog.“Without a proper identity solution, it would be impossible to ensure that avatars are really what they claim to be, and it is clearly a problem for large corporations and celebrities.”

Some metaverse and Web3 promoters rightly claim that they want to put an end to this data grabbing thanks to the creation of decentralized digital identities ( DID: A Decentralized Digital Identityin English).

However, these pious desires do not burden Google, Apple, Facebook and Mozilla who opposed one of the main criteria ( World Wide Web Consortium DID ) for a decentralized identity. This threatens the backyard of the internet giants whose livelihood is monetization of our data.

Apple wants us to use a digital identity it created, which will allow it to suck in more data. In Arizona, it was Pocket wallet Apple allows you to create a digital identity by integrating your driver’s license or ID card.

In other words, Apple will be able to see what kind of car Arizonans own/rent, their travel history, the speed they are driving at, etc. And then one day, it will be the country that will access all this data in one click.

Big brother is watching you

The central digital identity is the cornerstone of a surveillance system that is at risk of being finallylinked to social credit. As in China…

Imagine that a central digital identity is required to log into Facebook. And that this same ID is also necessary to get a loan from your bank.

Now, let’s say your bank happens to be a major sponsor of arms dealers and you’re against the hype for a moment. Well, you might not get a mortgage because your bank, with just a few clicks, was able to buy your data from Facebook.

Indeed, Facebook indexes us and every ‘like’ or ‘share’ makes it possible to improve our psychological, cultural, political, etc. Lots of information that can be used against you.

For ID2020, the alliance created by Bill Gates, the digital identity must be “Holistic and supportive of people throughout their lives” . Peggy Johnson, former Executive Vice President of Microsoft (ID2020 Alliance Partner), announced that“It is exciting to imagine a world of secure digital identities that gives everyone all the rights and opportunities they deserve.”

The “He deserves”Not trivial. What you deserve is definitely different from what others deserve…

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is also a strong advocate for digital identity. The Davos Men published a report in February titled ” Digital Agency Advances: The Power of Data Brokers Which leaves no doubt about their totalitarian ambitions.

The World Economic Forum argues that digital identity will connect the history of procurement, internet research and energy consumption. Not to mention medical records, vital data, national ID numbers, travel, online behavior, etc.

The digital identity of the World Economic Forum

What are they going to do with all this data? The possibilities are endless, especially if the currency becomes programmable and conditional as likely with a CBDC ( Central bank digital currency cy).

The embryo of social credit in Italy

The apps recently launched in Belgium, Bavaria, Austria and the city of Bologna show striking similarities with China’s social credit system.

The Italian app is called “Smart Citizen Wallet”. It rewards citizens for various actions such as recycling, using public transportation or good energy management (understanding low energy consumption).

So-called ‘virtuous’ behaviors will allow citizens to improve their scores and earn points that they can ‘spend’ on free cultural activities’,We can read in Corriere de Bologna.Of course no one will be forced to participate.

To agree to be seen for a movie ticket is to put your finger on the cogs of social engineering. Rewards today but tomorrow? While we wait for what the future holds, the European Commission is already introducing its own biometric digital identity infrastructure. The digital wallet .

This is what we wrote about itdigital wallet In June 2021:

“This smartphone application will be able to contain our official documents such as a driver’s license, as well as our payment data. For example, it will help pay electricity and water bills. It will be possible to connect to it via biometric data.”

In France, two days after the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, the Ministry of the Interior has initiated the creation of an electronic identification method called Digital Identity Assurance Service(SGIN).

How long before this digital ID is required to log in to Twitter?

How long until it is used for the ECB digital euro?

Rabobank outperforms CBDC

In the Netherlands, since April 22, Rabobank customers can see CO2 emissions associated with their consumption habits:

As of today, 1,000 customers can track the impact of their purchases on the climate. With Carbon Insights, customers can track their carbon dioxide emissions for every euro they spend in the Rabo app. Rabobank is the first Dutch bank to provide its customers with an overview of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their spending. In this way, we want to educate consumers about the climate. Rabobank aims to make Carbon Insights available to all of its customers by the end of the summer. »

This initiative follows the MasterCard Initiative. The payments giant offers a credit card that blocks spending when purchases reach their “carbon cap”. This initiative was clearly welcomed by the World Economic Forum.

Rabobank wants to go no further than MasterCard and insists that this new tool is purely voluntary…for now. Barbara Barsma, CEO of the bank said: “The point is absolutely not finger pointing.”

This is what we face with digital identity and CBDC: mass surveillance and legalization…

Absolutely everything imaginable. The price of energy-intensive things, for example, can escalate. The cost of the first plane ticket for this year is 200 euros, the second 400 euros, the third 800 euros, etc.

Not that you’re really not sensitive to the climate disaster in the making. But our society should not drown in technological Marxism controlled by the Tartov billionaire who does not deny themselves anything.

Bitcoin DID to escape fromBig reset Digital

A DID (decentralized identifier ) is a secure, encrypted digital identity that one creates, owns and controls. Unlike our Google email address and all those digital identities that aim to infiltrate all of our data.

It takes the form of a public key linked to official documents encrypted and embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain.

In this article we wrote that:

“Censorship-resistant blockchains like Bitcoin are ideal for solidifying DID documents. Bitcoin is a decentralized and immutable record and chronological order of events that all of humanity can forever agree upon.”

As such, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is likely a good omen because the Tesla CEO is a staunch advocate of anonymity. So we should never have to enter our digital identity to use our freedom of expression.

Unless authoritarian governments intervene:

Let’s add in passing that Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are also the solution to endingrobotsAnd other unwanted messages that pollute social networks. All you have to do is deposit a few satoshis to be “verified”.

The satoshis will be transferred at the time of connection and returned at the time of disconnection. This money will be confiscated in case of misconduct, which will makerobotsThe profession of email senders is outdated.

Globalists would like an inclusive society in which we are all digitally labeled with “digital wallets,” “digital IDs,” and other “CBDCs” that focus on the history of all of our moves. Bitcoin is a bulwark against Orwell’s will to adapt our conditions of existence, our opportunities and our freedoms.

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