Shopping in Lyon: Connected, Fun and Useful Things

As fall comes, we spend more time at home. Here is a selection of connected items that will make your everyday life more enjoyable indoors, when the leaves are falling in the garden.

Fingerprint lock

It’s the end of the nightmare for those who have lost their lock keys or forgotten their code. Nomaday biometric lock allows you to unlock by storing your fingerprint. It is possible to register up to 10 fingerprints on the lock. “It is very easy to set up and can be used by the whole family. It really is the practical lock type for a gym locker. The biometric technology is first attracted to the people I am selling it” Benoit Guyot, owner of the shop of the same name in the second arrondissement of Lyon, smiles. Nomaday lock is currently available in his store.
Nomaday lock – 49.90 euros.
Benoit Guyot 15, rue Emile Zola, Lyon 2

The main episode we can’t lose anymore

Tired of spending your time rummaging through your pockets, bag and house to find your keys? The solution is there. The Connected Roadeyes RecKEY Keychain allows you to geo-locate your keys using the app available on the App Store or Play Store. This very light little tool (only 10 grams on the scale) allows you to record the location of your vehicle. It is easy to find in the parking lot of a huge shopping mall or festival. Finally, RecKEY has another function to prevent you from losing your smartphone. As soon as you move more than 30 meters from your mobile phone, you are notified.
RecKEY key chain – €29.90. – 44th place of the Republic of Lyon 2

A Laguiole for scanning

The cutlery specialist Fontenille Pataud markets the connected Laguiole. By scanning the knife with your smartphone, you can get a complete list of information about the manufacture of the object or its use thanks to NFC technology (such as a QR code). “We had the idea to design this product thanks to our proximity to Yesitis, whose main office is in Clermont-Ferrand. They are the ones who developed the NFC technology on our knives,” says Jan Delarbolas, CEO of Fontenille Pataud.
Laguiole connected.
Fontenelle Patude – 73, Rue Joseph Clausat, Thiers – 04 73 80 18 34

With the OM5 Camera, you can shoot videos like a pro

The Chinese manufacturer DJI has launched a new version of its stabilizer for smartphones. The nacelle OM5 allows the grafting of any mobile station. The user can then remotely operate their smartphone to produce high-quality videos using the DJI Mimo app. A strong point of this new version of the accessory, “There is an extra shaft that allows you to increase the distance between you and the phone,” a salesperson from the Leon Store tells us. The OM5 also weighs 100 grams less than the previous version. “The target audience is both professionals, such as YouTubers who film themselves in their videos, but also onboard sports fans or simply people who want to make a good movie during their vacation.”
OM5 – from 159 euros.
DJI Store – 4 Avenue President Carnot, Lyon 2

A screen connected to your plants

In the fall, the garden is covered in dead foliage and it’s time to prune the branches instead of watering the flowerbeds. But at home, green plants always need water. Therefore it is necessary to quench their thirst, otherwise they will wither. With the Xiaomi Plant Monitor, this task has become very easy. This sensor connected to the plant in the pot tells you how much light your plants need. It also tells you about the moisture content of the soil. If you’re away, you’ll receive in-app notifications and instructions to keep you updated on the health of your plants.
Xiaomi Connected Monitor – 19.90 euros.
Available on

A coffee table that can be customized using your smartphone

We’ve delved into the luxury of connected things with a surprising innovation: a lighted coffee table made of stone leaves. This high-tech piece of furniture can be controlled from your smartphone. You can therefore change the table lighting which can be green, pink or yellow according to your taste. is an Archiélec company, based in the Rhone in Ambérieux d’Azergues and specializing in high-end decorative items, which presents this product in its catalog. This unique piece also has the advantage of being made in France.
Backlit coffee table with stone leaves – 1090 euros.
Archielec – 38, rue du Clos-de-la-Cure, Ambérieux d’Azergues –

washing robot

Bots are all the rage. While a few years ago robots were still considered less efficient than humans at mowing the lawn or washing the floor of your living room, things have changed a lot. Thus, the iRobot Braava Jet M6138 washes floors very efficiently. Simply attach a Braava Jet® cleaning pad and the robot will automatically select a cleaning mode. The Imprint Smart Mapping app allows you to control which parts to wash and when to wash them. Additionally, you can tell your bot to stay away from certain places using customizable ignore zones. This connected object is very easy to use. You can use the iRobot Home app, Google Voice Assistant, or Alexa to tell the Braava Jet to scan.
iRobot Braava Jet M6138 robotic wiper – €599.
Available in the supermarket

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