Dr. Yasim Ayyav conveys his views on the importance of digital transformation and how trading and investing act as a deterrent

According to Dr. Yassim Ayafa, trading and investing differ in unique ways. There are two different types of stock traders with two different behavioral characteristics, as well as different approaches to investing and trading. One of them is a digital style with the ability to thrive online.

Investing – those who use fundamental analysis to determine the long-term value of a company’s stock by analyzing its financial statements (long-term gains)
Trading – Technical analysts and chart readers who believe that all fundamentals have already been factored into the price of an asset. (short-term gain)”

Dr. Ayavefe’s view of the stock market makes one feel knowledgeable due to his expert knowledge in this field. Its in-depth understanding and knowledge transfer allows people to learn more about their finances and budget stability. It is essential to understand the difference between investing and trading before making the decision to enter the stock market; Knowledge is vital.

“Your financial ambitions, mental agility, and tolerance for market volatility all determine whether trading or investing is right for you. Individual stock bets rarely make sense for investors pursuing long-term goals such as retirement. However, this does not mean that active trading or building a position In a certain company a bad idea.Moderation, as with everything else in life, is essential.

In essence, Dr. Ayavefe says that you need to gain knowledge, know your financial goals, and be prepared for the specifics of the market. His advice on diving the stock market game in moderation are words we can see that we should all heed.

By purchasing and holding securities, investors seek long-term returns on their investment.

In contrast, traders seek to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the rise and fall of markets over a shorter period of time.

Generally, traders earn less but more frequent profits. Another major distinction is the ownership of acquired securities, such as company stock. Investing in stocks involves ownership of those shares, i.e. you own a part of the company. On the other hand, trading these identical shares on the stock exchange does not constitute ownership. Alternatively, you can trade price gaps by anticipating that the price will go up or down. »

These words may be few in number, but they contain a lot of knowledge. Reading this data several times to a stock entrepreneur will prove beneficial to our financial stability and knowledge of how to trade or invest. Of course, the natural state of affairs in the economic aspect of our world has changed dramatically. However, a new era of normality has entered due to the pandemic, and investing and digital trading, such as Bitcoin, has undoubtedly changed the way we trade and invest. Bitcoin is a digital money that enables secure peer-to-peer transactions over the Internet. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency with many investment and trading opportunities. Dr. Ayavefe is an advocate of cryptocurrency because he encourages a cleaner environment. Investing cryptocurrency in specific ways helps replant trees and save farmland, as well as identify better interactions as companies start building a digital plan.

“It has become imperative to reinvent the digital landscape of the organization. As a result, companies will need to rethink their entire lifecycle, from customer acquisition and operations to after-sales and customer service.
Although the term “digital transformation” is not new, few people understand what it really means and how it affects businesses. We can say that digital transformation takes a unique form for each company. This is not only a structural and practical change, but a cultural change as well. Businesses can better serve their customers by using digital solutions to customize their products, services, interactions, and communications.

Dr. Ayavefe believes that businesses and individuals will sooner begin to adapt to digital change; The sooner you guarantee prosperity. So, whether we decide to go into the stock market, digital currency, whatever we choose, we believe it is necessary to listen to Dr. Ayavefe as he has the knowledge we will need to get started.
It is necessary to educate us on the difference between investing and trading, using cryptocurrencies, and digital transformation in finance. We admire Dr. Yasim Ayyavi for his extensive knowledge in finance and his words of wisdom.

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