A series filmed in Vence launches a crowdfunding campaign to continue its production

Filming for the first season of “After the World” ended on Saturday 23 April in Vence. In order to launch this series, which features teens from Vence and surrounding areas, the team is calling for a donation.

In a world not far from our own, the virus kills people over the age of 25. So the youngest, sometimes from childhood, must replace the adults and learn to live differently. This is a plotafter the world A series written, written and directed by Vençois, David Rivière.

The first season, planned into 4 episodes of 52 minutes duration, follows the destinies of seven characters. Among them are two brothers, 14 and 18 vying for the city’s mayor position, a teenage girl who wants to find her father’s love or even a child who wants to stay in her role as a baby, despite this virus that upends everything. Upside down.

It all started with a desire to adapt majesty of flies For a troupe of kids and teens who wanted to try their hand at the theater. “We were planning to put an adaptation of this work and have them play in a parking lot or on a small stage,” David Riviere recalls, in the origin of the project.

In the end, the little band got so involved in the game that David Riviere wanted to repeat the experience the following year, with the same group. “This time, I wanted us to make a musical: Quote from Into The Woods”, is the details. They, passing by Covid, decided to embark on a pictorial work instead of a play being performed in front of the audience. This is where the ideaafter the world Born in the mind of David Riviere. “The story I was writing was so long that it quickly turned into a series,” He said.

He then took over the lead of the initial band but opposed Vence again doing some auditions to complete the cast. The new representatives come from Vence, of course, but also from nearby villages such as Saint-Jeannet, Bar-sur-Loup, La Colle-sur-Loup, Saint-Paul-de-Vence … from children and teenagers between the ages of 8 and 20 general. Moreover, since these villages are also filming locations, it is as if they are all filming at home. “The municipalities have completely opened their doors to us,” Get to know the creator of the series.

We have created alliances between children who would not otherwise have met. It has become a new family.

David River

Filming began in July 2021, “Where children can only photograph during school holidays”, says David Revere. In total, including the actors and the entire crew, more than 300 volunteers worked on this project. “But to be able to edit the series, we need to pay the editor a fee, The director explains. It might be a good idea to commit to a project on a volunteer basis when you’re at a photo shoot in your village, but asking someone to lock themselves up and make some edits for free for two months is a bit restrictive.”

This funding will also allow work to begin for the second season. Since the producer has gone to CanneSéries, David Rivière hopes to find an anchor quickly. This will allow him to finance the rest of his story. But you need to plan for all possibilities: “For the second season, we could not afford to volunteer again, so we will have about 600,000 euros to continue…”

Meanwhile, teamafter the world He hopes to reach €20,000 to finish the first season. Each contribution leads to a reward such as a poster, group tour, or even having their name placed in credits. And as a bonus, the donation is tax deductible!

Ideally, David Rivière imagines his series to be spread over six seasons. The writer, director, and actor (he also plays a role on the series!) hopes to be able to air the team’s first episodes over the summer. For the general public, we will have to wait a little longer.

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