When the cloud meets cybersecurity and economy of scale

How to make digital solutions easier for companies while ensuring the security of their data?

It is imperative to offer corporate cloud solutions that can be accessed via the latest authentication and security protocols, based on and maintaining modern technologies. With the cloud, the economies of scale are significant and the overall cost of the solution – including security – becomes both accessible and useful. In order to adapt to the stages of development of each company, the per-user subscription (SaaS) model provides flexibility and facilitates growth, without the expectation of large investments.

How do you protect your company’s strategic data?

Safe access to software and applications is the first barrier. For this, authentication has evolved and we all see it in our daily life in our banking operations or our access to customer areas. On the one hand, we have interconnected platforms that improve the browsing experience, on the other hand multi-factor or device-dependent access. The same should apply to ERP solutions that comply with international standards protocols that are regularly and automatically updated. The second protection, is data encryption to make data recovery unusable. This is an additional guarantee in the event of data leakage or geopolitical or industrial espionage.

These authentication and encryption solutions simply cannot be implemented by the IT department of SME or ETI. Forterro focuses on developing its own ERP systems and invites experts to ensure the security and integrity of the data managed by our software. Thus, we integrate into our dedicated ERP technology components, which are constantly updated in the cloud and developed by hundreds of security experts, ensuring constant monitoring of risks, vulnerabilities and threats.

Moreover, in the event of a problem with the data center, due to an attack or any other incident, it is necessary to have redundancy in 2 to 3 data centers several kilometers away to avoid service outages. Finally, the backup system must be able to be programmed into multiple deadlines (backing up data a few hours ago and a few days before) and it must be requested and up and running within a few hours.

What are the cybersecurity challenges for the French industry?

Industrial business and ERP software is often outdated in industry, and is rarely used in its latest versions. These have been powerful and stable for decades, but the bets are different now. In fact, this program is compatible only with older versions of operating systems and is often installed on workstations that were not voluntarily updated, which leads to serious flaws, even without a direct connection to the Web.

Now the risks are increasingly linked to gain competitive advantages and meet the expectations of new managers. Therefore, the challenge lies in rationalizing the solutions used and moving to a new sustainable platform. To ensure this for at least ten years, the technologies offered must be up-to-date and updates must be simple and transparent. We’ve heard a lot about the Log4j bug that had a potentially very broad impact: the key was the ability to update this component, which might depend on recent versions of other components of the application suite.

Cyber ​​threats seem to be at an all-time high, so are we late on this topic?

Mindsets have evolved greatly but still strongly held beliefs. In fact, some manufacturers believe that they can ensure good on-premises IT security with an offline server instead of trusting the cloud. However, network exchanges or equivalent data often remain. However, the culture is changing, especially thanks to the migration of messages and calendars to the cloud, which is the most common source of attacks (ransomware, phishing, etc.). This demonstrates a better understanding of the benefits of the cloud. We also attribute it to a generation of managers who are more trained in computer technologies and security. However, there is still a purely economic rationale for choosing the cloud, which sometimes does not take into account the value of security.

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