IBM launches cloud service to help businesses protect data across multiple clouds

IBM launches cloud service to help businesses protect data across multiple clouds

IBM is launching an industry-leading cloud service to provide key management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, helping companies reduce the risk of cyberattacks and internal threats to their critical data. Designed for today’s hybrid cloud world, this new service enables companies to take advantage of IBM’s cloud security capabilities no matter where their data resides, including on other clouds and on premises.

As organizations modernize, they are increasingly taking a hybrid multi-cloud approach to hosting applications where they need to be – in the cloud or on premises – to reduce risk and demonstrate compliance. Given that the average business uses more than 8-9 cloud environments at any given time, they are likely to be more vulnerable to threats from malicious actors that can compromise data. It’s time to reduce complexity, especially as cloud environments are becoming an increasingly important target for cybercriminals looking to access and exploit sensitive data contained in complex multi-cloud environments. But reducing complexity is not an easy task. The more companies use the cloud, the more variety of skills their IT teams will need to secure and manage the keys that protect their critical business data.

Enabling data management to help companies demonstrate compliance

According to a recent global study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) in collaboration with Oxford Economics, 80% of CEOs surveyed said it is important or extremely important to have governance and compliance tools operating in multiple cloud environments. Especially with encryption keys protecting critical data spread across many platforms, organizations can suffer from operational complexity or worse yet, non-compliance, if they do not have a comprehensive view of their data security. With a single, secure, cloud-based view of who has access to critical data, companies can more easily and quickly demonstrate compliance in near real time.

“IBM has taken a somewhat unique approach to Zero Trust security architectures, focusing on real, customer-centric use cases rather than simply offering another product. Likewise, this new service demonstrates IBM’s commitment to solving a critical problem increasingly challenging due to accelerated digital transformation initiatives. for COVID, and protect critical data.By enabling the secure management of cryptographic keys with a single point of control—including across other public clouds—IBM is proving that what matters most is customers and what really keeps them awake at night, not where their data is stored.Unified Key also works The Orchestrator reduces the burden of management, which is exacerbated by a lack of security talent, by making it faster and easier for organizations to demonstrate compliance across multiple cloud platforms, which can be incredibly complex.” said Frank Dixon, Vice President of Security and Trust at IDC.

IBM offers a cloud service to help companies manage encryption keys across multiple clouds with a unified view, helping them demonstrate compatibility and enhance security. Available on IBM Cloud, Unified Key Orchestrator leverages IBM’s cryptographic capabilities, hybrid cloud expertise and automation, and is designed to give customers a clear view of the security of their data. With this service, organizations maintain complete visibility and control over who can access their critical data, while running applications in hybrid cloud environments and where data sovereignty is required. At the same time, companies no longer need to rely on security experts with specialized knowledge of each cloud and can devote more time and resources to innovation for their customers.

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