The future of blockchain notifications: EPNS launches its mainnet

Push it to the limit – With the mass adoption of blockchain, decentralized applications have proliferated. Thus many new tools are created every day to make life easier for users.

However, until we are informed of the news, we are still obligated to follow the projects day in and day out, through their websites, social networks and other dedicated news platforms. EPNS solves this problem with an innovative push notification system. Its mainnet launch was officially announced on January 11, 2022.

This article is brought to you as part of an outreach communication campaign powered by EPNS.

EPNS, the future major player in Web 3.0

The Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) was founded in 2020 during the Hackathon. The idea is to provide decentralized services Hot calling with its users. the solution ? A multi-chain cryptographic overlay (therefore implemented independently and on any blockchain protocol), Allow notifications to be sent directly via their wallet.

Thanks to this project, a trader on a decentralized exchange no longer needs to check the status of his trade. It will be notified automatically. Investor who lends on a protocol like avi It can also be notified when it has received an interest (or is liquidated). A player who invests his time in a P2Eis notified when a cipher dragon attacks his city or when he acquires a new NFT.

EPNS connects distributed dApps across all blockchain networks

Starting on January 11th, businesses, service providers, and dApps (Decentralized Applications) in Web 3.0 So you will officially be able to Create channels to connect with their communities with a simple click. Another step towards widespread adoption The decentralized, unlicensed and incentive-based solution offered by the company.

EPNS spreads its protocol and ambitions into the crypto galaxy

Let’s face it. The stated goal of the company is It becomes the default communication solution for Web 3.0 as a whole. A challenge that necessarily involves the ability to interact without network or language boundaries, right from the official launch.

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It was initially created on the Ethereum blockchain, so EPNS quickly gained the means to achieve its goal. Thus, the protocol has worked hard to evolve towards Agnostic architecture. It can now be used by any Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchain technology, regardless of the details of the latter.

Simplified process for EPNS.  dApps creators send notifications on the blockchain thanks to EPNS.  Users instantly receive it in their wallets
EPNS schematic process

It is clear that the human factor will play a key role. Here it is important to remember the distribution of roles within the EPNS ecosystem. We can find three main actors: Users, channels and subscribers. Anyone who uses the EPNS Platform in any way is considered a User. Service Providers can register as channels and send notifications (that they Thus it becomes a string). Consumers can subscribe to these channels to receive notifications (thereby becoming subscribers).

PUSH, the original symbol for the EPNS protocol

We can’t talk about EPNS without mentioning its utility code. Indeed, at the time of the mainnet launch, the PUSH token is set to play a central role in the ecosystem. Its functions are indeed multiple and vital. :

  • It is used as change money between the various actors in the protocol and pay costs.
  • Users who own it can vote for improvements and functionality of EPNS. So it’s also a file Judgment symbol.
  • The token is also used to reward honest users and quality services. It is also used to punish bad actors (in the case of spam for example).

The popular PUSH is available on many central platforms but also on Uniswap’s dEX. Since its launch in the spring of 2021, PUSH has already been adopted by dozens of DeFi projects, games, NFT groups, infrastructures, and several channel and notification prototypes. Many of them will be immediately available when the main network is launched.

Interview with Harsh Rajat, founder of EPNS

No more dozens of tabs in your browser! With Web 3.0, instant notifications and cross-chain communication between Dapps hosted on different networks will quickly become the norm.

With the launch of its mainnet, there is no doubt that EPNS will soon become one of the main pillars of this major technological revolution.

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