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Opinion/5 billion men and women access information every day via the Internet. Advocating for a free and open Internet. By Fabrice LeclercAnd General Manager of Quantcast in France

today, Five billion people on this planet Rely on the Internet for information, communication, entertainment, and more. We are fortunate to live in a world where, as never before, we can easily access an unparalleled collection of multimedia content and information. All of this we can do without having to pay a subscription, a luxury that was once reserved for the wealthy.

However, most people take this free access to nearly unlimited content for granted. Perhaps this is the original sin Internet : To make everyone believe that the web is free. We let users believe that all this diverse and engaging content costs nothing, no matter when and where it is shown. It’s a legend.

a original content Quality is often the product of the creators’ passion and hard work, journalists And the writers who make their living from creating this. Of course, the majority of this content is financed by advertising, which ensures a mostly free internet and offers freedom and diversity of content.

Consumers, Internet users, media agencies and advertisers, let’s all become “responsible media”!

The Internet ads It just gets bigger and bigger. This year, its growth is estimated at nearly 400 billion euros. It’s a big amount. If advertising is the main source of funding for the content and services that each of us enjoys, and if the advertising market is worth hundreds of billions of euros a year, what is the problem? It is the force.

All of the growth in online advertising is actually only benefiting a small number of companies. These are efficient design services that we use every day, that allow them to reach a global audience, while offering marketing professionals solutions that are certainly complete but increasingly closed and that aim, in the long run, to rule out all alternatives.

However, the added editorial value, and the qualitative content, that we consume every day, is not produced by these companies themselves. Some of them even took this position.” Dominators’ on the web, which they increasingly use to influence the browsers and operating systems we use to dictate how ads work on the open internet. Most worrisome, their closed algorithms and systems do not diversify the content and viewpoints offered;

If we continue on this path where the majority Investments in advertising Only those few entities benefit, what do we get? A hostile environment for content creators, where dominant platforms greatly affect a publisher’s ability to interact and create value with their audience. We do not want to pass on to our children a world in which the diversity of reliable sources of information is being undermined.

We must respond collectively to ensure that a free and open Internet is maintained. Internet users as digital advertising professionals, we must interact with Diversity promotion Both the contents as well as the actors that fund it. Because by giving full powers to a few platforms that alone broadcast all this content and profiting from corresponding advertising investments, we are putting at risk a valuable commodity which is information. Consumers, Internet users, media agencies and advertisers, let’s all become “responsible media”!

Fabrice Leclerc, Managing Director of Quantcast France

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