NFT artwork arrives in galleries

Interest in the “art of cryptography” continues to grow, after the sale of a digital work by artist Beeple on March 11 for $69.3 million at Christie’s. The movement arouses the interest of gallery owners as well as well-known artists.

It was only a matter of time. Nearly two weeks after the historic sale of Christie’s Beeple’s digital work, and as the NFT fever rages on to The New York Times , and art galleries also enter into the battle arrangement. In New York, the Superchief Gallery opened, on Thursday, what will be the world’s first physical space dedicated to “The art of coding». The beginning of the year boom?

The Superchief Gallery is incredibly proud of its place in history as the world’s first physical exhibition space for NFT-only, opening this week in Union Square, New York.Show director and co-founder Ed Zepko said in a statement. 300 artists are part of the inaugural exhibition of this new space, and at its center are original works – displayed on 4K screens – by urban artists Swoon and Saturno, director JJ Villard, illustrator David Heo, as well as photographer and video artist Pol Kurucz.

gain legitimacy

According to the director of Superchief, it’s nothing more, nothing less, about existenceAt the forefront of the world that NFT makes possible’, and to make the new art form a gain of legitimacy, which is increasingly seen by some actors in the middle, and which many appreciate is only about a speculative bubble. As Ed Zipco explains, bringing artists and their work back to the center of the NFT movement is a necessary and proper measure. In contrast to the excesses and abuses of the emerging system, the presentation of works in galleries should make the public see that they are not mere digital and speculative abstractions, but real creations signed by very real artists: “We have the opportunity to showcase some of the very popular artists we love from various traditional mediums such as painting, illustration and photography, as well as the recently accepted and recognized art forms of street art and photography. The smallest art form that struggles for acceptance.»

A man looks at works by American artist Pebble in Beijing on March 26, 2021. Nicholas Asfouri / AFP

Is going to a physical gallery still the best way to legitimize new art forms? Ed Zipco doesn’t seem to doubt that for a moment. “The best galleries are distinguished by their vision, programming, and the artists they engage withSuperchief Gallery Director explains in remarks reported by Business Insider. Another vector of legitimacy: media coverage of major contemporary art artists like Shepherd Fairey appears to be working in favor of NFT’s work and their digital ecosystem, aside from being Byzantine in the eyes of ordinary people. “Ignoring this step would be, at best, an error of judgment.Ed Zepko slide.

China, however, was not mistaken. Organized in cooperation with Christie’s and opened Friday in Beijing the group exhibition Virtual stature – Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?claims to be – according to its organizers at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art – “The world’s first large institutional crypto art exhibitionAnd the programming could well prove to be true because UCCA Lab’s photo bars welcome nearly thirty digital artists, including pioneers Beeple and Robert Alice, along with other well-known and diverse personalities of digital art, from Mario Klingemann to Mad Dog Jones. The presence of many young Chinese artists such as Sun Yitian and Wang Weisi does not fail to remind us that China intends to be one of the next nerve centers for crypto arts, as well as the art market in general.

NFT system, or non-fungible token (“Non-replaceable code), at the heart of the global fever that has swept the digital world since the beginning of the year. Based on cryptographic and tamper-proof blockchain technology (“blockchain”) which has been a success in the cryptocurrency space for years, these digital tokens attached to an object – a photo, a clip, a newspaper article, etc. “moments» Sports (limited official clips) before you arrive with the roar we know in the art world.

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