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FB who becomes deadExplosion Cryptocurrency and the NFT. We are in a new dawn technology air. It’s all about blockchain And recently, she appeared in the foreground, metaverse.

metaverseA vague and comprehensive topic. First of all, let’s go back to some basic concepts like blockchainThe Cryptocurrency and the NFT.

Blockchain in a nutshell

To put it simply, the blockchain This is how it works Transactions in decentralized waysthat is, not having to go through stakeholders like banks… the idea of ​​paying in cash so as not to leave a trace is no longer there.

All transactions for each cryptocurrency and more will be so encrypted And encryptedto then be stored in a file Transaction date… This means that any trade can be tracked.

This new process will require new computational powers to allow it to run, fortunately, this is not a problem.

Ministry of Economy & nbsp;
Ministry of Economy & nbsp;

Cryptocurrency in a nutshell

Cryptocurrency they Decentralized digital currencies using blockchain technology. That way, they’ll have a follow, then we’ll talk about it tracking for transactions. This will also allow a file reliability Of those by followers. It can be bought, traded, and sold…just like forex likeeuro… the most famous Bitcoin But we will find a bunch of new coding projects like ebay network.

Go ahead and learn more about these two technologies and this economic systemI am redirecting you to an article written by Maxness Rose Which explains it all to you: Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies

NFTs in short

The notwe-FUnacceptable TOkay Or better known by its abbreviations NFT. Always in touch with technology blockchainThese are decentralized computer “protocols” that allow online financial transactions to be so crypt And Believes. They will also allow for authenticity of possession of the item. We take the example of Spacefox (Brand of clothing and accessories from the videographer Amixem), and November 21, 2021They released their new braceletcollision“With the principle of a stone from a meteorite. To prove to buyers their property of a real bracelet, customers From this product will to receive a NFT certifies the match and authenticity of the bracelet.

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Now that that is said, we can access the Metaverse

Metaverse in short

Concretely, a metaverse Like digital universe at 3D immersive who aims to to relate All stakeholders among themselves with diverse and varied approaches, all in this Meet many user needs.

We will find there Social side, with spaces for exchange, and places for interaction between friends, family, colleagues and strangers. We find the equivalent of our traditional social networks in the Metavers version, or even more advanced variants of the popular game VRChat.

A more relevant aspect of the world of work, with meeting rooms, non-physical co-working spaces, and more. This will make it possible to promote new ways of working, to approach a new technological industry …

Leisure and entertainment Making it possible to see more and more advanced games, unique universes, even more amazing creations… There are many possibilities for us with this technology. Plus other options we haven’t even imagined yet.

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The link between all these technologies and innovations

One of the elements that will connect all these innovations will beeconomic aspect. We will find the value creation that will be Shared in our world 2. The NFT They are all ready Gates between worldsCryptocurrencies, too. All this will create a file Economie Both virtual and real that can not be neglected which will create Metaverse racing. We will find for example FB who changed her name and became dead. The company only confirmed its desire to position itself as Pioneer of this parallel universe.

We will also find Nvidia OmniverseAnd Roblox Inc and other companies. Many companies that go Creating and shaping the future Shared and digital.

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Now that the basics are in place, we’ll find you in a future article where we’ll delve into the details of a file metaverse With projects and groups … stay connected!

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