a16z Launches Crypto Research Lab

Cream of the crop for crypto research ! – Investment fund Adreessen Horowitz (a16z) warned in January 2022: he would like Diversify your coding projects. Thus, a16z has just announced the creation of a lab entirely dedicated to researching the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

A research lab dedicated to solving problems facing the cryptocurrency industry

venture capital firm a16z announced the establishment of a multidisciplinary research laboratory, the purpose of which is solving problems Contingencies encountered in the cryptographic space. This lab is called a16z encoder lookup » will be soon cooperation With the companies that make up the investment portfolio of the venture capitalist. In addition, this laboratory is directly inspired by DeepMind and OpenAI They are two examples of modern and thriving laboratories that have made it possible great progress in the field ofartificial intelligence.

The general companion from a16z, Ali YahyaShe said:

“Usually, when a revolutionary new technology has general uses and can be used for all kinds of different things, the Industrial Research Laboratory helps bridge the gap between academia and industry.”

Thus, A16z Crypto Research will be responsible for identification and resolution Basic search problems which currently pose obstacles to the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public. This research will definitely make it possible Develop new tools Crypto companies can help grow their business.

Moreover, in parallel with solving existing problems, the a16z laboratory would like to technology development For the next generation of the Internet, ie web 3. In addition, the a16z Crypto Research working group will not only focus on topics within the field of engineering, but may also focus on themed topics as well. More social angle. For example, the method NFT should think under Art history perspectiveor effect Decentralization in political science.

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Lab Shock Team Created by a16z

Tim Rogarden He will lead the research lab launched by the a16z. He is a professor at Columbia and Stanford Universities in the United States, and he also specializes in Video games And author of many articles about web theme 3.

next one, Dan BonetTeacherComputer science and electrical engineering At Stanford University he will join a16z Crypto Research. will occupy a position Senior Adviser in research. This professor was already supporting the investment fund 4 years. He also teaches the basic techniques of cryptocurrency in Stanford Center for Blockchain Research.

In addition, the team will welcome the undergraduate researcher Joseph Bono who are interested Social media privacy and the encryption protocols. The Economist Scott Duke Comminersin addition to the previous research scientist and cryptologist for the project dim blockchain Valeria NikolaenkoHe will also be part of the team that makes up the a16z lab. Finally, it still needs to be enriched with other talents given that at the end of the press release, a16z . calls Researchers interested in the application.

It appears that investment fund a16z with the launch of its research lab wants to copy its rival Paradigm. Actually, Model It quickly gained momentum in the cryptocurrency space thanks to the strength of its in-house research team.

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