5 Connected Objects to Improve Home Air Quality

Why is it important to monitor air quality in the home? Because we spend most of our time indoors, the air can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoors. In order to improve your well-being and health, home automation brands offer air quality controls that are as useful as they are effective in adopting good habits. Here is our selection.

5 Connected Objects to Improve Home Air Quality
Connected Objects price Buy
Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor 119.99 EUR I buy
EVE Room Air Quality Controller €99.95 I buy
AirThings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor 269.00 EUR I buy
Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor €79.99 I buy
Govee . Connected Thermometer €29.99 I buy

The price is valid on 20/11/2021.

Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Regarding things connected to the house, Netatmo is a reference. Over the years, the French brand has significantly developed its offer, marketing a variety of equipment: thermostats, thermal valves, safety cameras, etc.

That’s why the Netatmo-connected indoor air quality controller has been added to a long list of devices aimed at improving everyday life with its automation features. Aesthetically, this pink drum doesn’t look like much and could almost pass for a smart speaker. Beautiful and elegant, it can be placed anywhere in your home. Its design is simple: an air inlet, an outlet and four integrated sensors. This is the essence of Netatmo technology as it relates to basic metrics: Air quality, humidity, temperature and noise.

Through the application, the smart screen From Netatmo advises you to help you monitor the air quality in your home. Target ? Create a healthy environment for the long term. To take advantage of recommendations tailored to your situation, it is also possible Configure three specific profiles A child, a person with asthma, or a family.

All measurements made by the device and your data history It can be referenced in real time on the app. If the air quality changes negatively, you will be notified immediately with a notification. Finally, a little more, if you want to monitor different areas of the house, installing several Netatmo consoles is highly recommended (but beware, the bill quickly rises).

Noise level, pollution, temperature and humidity significantly affect sleep, well-being and productivity. Controlling the air quality in your home means being able to take action to improve your quality of life.

Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor: Why Compatibility Is ImportantNetatmo gear is very useful for consumers eager to enrich their home automation system, since it is highly compatible: Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, everything is supported.

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Various connected indoor air quality monitors are available at various prices. This is particularly due to the multiple technologies that are being incorporated and the number of sensors present in the devices. For less than 100 euros, the Eve Room console from the Eve brand is a very reliable product for beginners.

room air quality sensor

Compact, square in shape and equipped with a customizable mini electronic ink screen, it allows you to take basic measurements: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. Some of your activities can have a direct impact on the level of VOCs (cleaning, for example). But this also depends on the presence of things in the house, from furniture to toys. So by using a console like the Eve Room, it’s easy to see how it affects the air quality in your home, and when ventilation is needed.

All measurements made by the device are It can be consulted directly on its screen or via the mobile application. This tells you about your details and shares personal advice with you. A polluted environment can have multiple consequences, especially for your health (coughing, itching, sneezing, etc.). The basic measures offered by Eve Room help you significantly improve your health.

The only downside to smart screen ive compared to its competitors is its lack of compatibility with various consumer home automation technologies. It integrates Apple HomeKit, but nevertheless remains unusable with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT.

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Controller: Unbeatable IndependenceThe Eve Room has over six weeks of autonomy. It can be recharged directly through its USB port when connected to your smartphone, tablet or smart speaker (USB charging cable is included with purchase). This means that it is not bulky and it is very easy to change it from room to room according to your desires.

Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor

By giving you access to various measurements related to the air you breathe indoors, connected screens show you if your environment is harmful. If all these equipment are exactly the same, Some contain specific and additional sensors Which explains the high price tag.

And therefore , The Airthings Wave Plus monitor is one of the few devices that indicates the level of radon, a radioactive, colorless, tasteless and painless natural gas that comes from the earth and is found in any type of rock. Radon gas is dangerous under prolonged exposure, and radon remains largely unknown to the general public. However, it can build up inside you. Various solutions are available to reduce its level in your home, The most effective is ventilation.

waveplus كاشف detector

This is clearly not the only measurement taken by Wave Plus. In total, Airthings display integrates six sensors For carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds as well as humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure. The Wave Plus, connected via Bluetooth and equipped with a dedicated application, allows you to know the air composition in detail. The dashboard is not only a good way to know if your home is healthy, but also to take advantage of alerts, analytics and tips in order to make things better if it is not.

With its round shape and wall mounting, the Wave Plus is reminiscent of a thermostat. In order to know the air quality in real time, you can refer to the application or Rely on the visible indicator on the device. Wave your hand in front of the Wave Plus and the ring of light will instantly tell you if the air quality is good or not thanks to its color.

Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Quality Monitor: The Everyday Smart Home CompanionAlthough useful and efficient, the Airthings Air Quality Monitor is also compatible with many smart home solutions: IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Determined to assert itself a bit more in the home automation market by cutting prices, Amazon decided to market its own product for controlling home air quality. with one Release scheduled for December 8, 2021It’s clear that Amazon’s smart air quality monitor has nothing to envy over its competitors.

air monitor from amazon
In the fall of 2021, Amazon doubled down on ads for its connected home offer.

cube shape and white color, Its design is basic : There is no speaker or microphone, just an activation button, air intake, sensors and power port. Amazon smart air quality monitor provides comprehensive monitoring Particulate matter (allergens and irritants), VOCs (chemicals that affect breathing), carbon monoxide (pollutants), and of course humidity and temperature. With the help of these measurements, you can closely monitor the air quality in your home. This is indicated in particular by the LED light on the device that changes color according to the qualitative index generated by your data.

Installation is very simple: connect a file smart screen And pair it with the Alexa app on your smartphone.

And therefore , It does not integrate Alexa smart air quality monitor, but is obviously compatible with Amazon’s AI. Via the app, see your home statement details in a clear and easy to understand way. When the air quality deteriorates, you will be notified immediately on your smartphone. And for people who have an Amazon Echo speaker, the latter can inform you out loud if you ask. To do this, just say: Hi, Alexa. What is indoor air quality? ‘, and voila.

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor: When Unit Is PowerBy installing multiple Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitors in your home, it is possible to monitor the air quality in different rooms in the home simultaneously. From the app, consult home measurements by device, and thus by area, in order to intelligently optimize your index.

Govee . Connected Thermometer

The Govee console is one of the least expensive on the market, which is a good thing, because you need it for all budgets. On the other hand, this obviously means that its capabilities are much lower than those of all the above equipment. here, One integrated sensor and two measurements are available: temperature and humidity.

govee smart air quality monitor
cheap and useful, smart screen de Govee is one of the cheapest on the market.

This is amazing Connected thermometer It comes in the form of a small white box with a strap. So it can be easily moved from one room to another. If desired, it is also possible to fix it permanently thanks to its wall supports.

connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, Govee Screen gives you access to your data in real time through the mobile app. Depending on the situation, as in the case of a very high level of humidity, you react in this way in a timely manner. Although very primitive, this ssmart screen No less useful and effective.

As with its competitors, the Govee Connected Air Quality Monitor sends you a notification on your smartphone to warn you of any negative changes – that’s wherever you are if your device is connected via Bluetooth.

Govee’s product is a good compromise for people who want to take advantage of a rudimentary but totally correct indoor air quality controller, at a very low price. For less than 30€, there is really nothing better.

Govee Connected Thermometer: A Very Useful FeatureThanks to the widget functionality, you can easily access data on the air quality in your home from the home screen of your smartphone.

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