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NFT, NFT, NFT, these are three letters that ring more and more in our ears. First in the specialized press and now in the mainstream press, which is all the most important. whatever le FigaroAnd reverberation where the world in France, or Forbes And the time Abroad, the sector has seen exceptional media and economic enthusiasm last year. The abbreviation NFT is the English term No non-degradable token or a non-replaceable symbol in French. Newspaper 20 minutes I launched an initiative dedicated to this topic by launching 20Mint a few weeks ago. This initiative aims to test the new cultural codes of Web3, an ecosystem in which cryptography, NFTs, and metaverses come together to form a new era that promises the release of Web 3.0.

In this exciting context, the means of communication, information and learning proliferate. Among them, podcasts are among the most popular options. An accessible format, to be consumed while on a public transportation trip, in your car, during a sports session, or even as a lullaby often necessary to the sleep of modern humans. So, what NFT programs should you listen to to learn more about these new uses of the underlying blockchain technology? Who is listening to separate truth from error in this ecosystem that is as promising as my sulfur? Who are we to help us form a real opinion of this new market?

1 – NFT Morning, John Carpe Remy Peretz

The NFT podcast was the first in France to democratize the topic and talk about it as a topic in its own right. The podcast launched in March 2021, and currently features over 250 episodes. Suffice it to say that John Karp and Remy Peretz did not elaborate on offering a global view of this growing market. Among the topics covered of course are the main NFT groups: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, World of Women, etc., most often with distinguished guests who were directly or indirectly involved in the success of these groups. In addition, the NFT Morning podcast allows you to learn more about exchange platforms in this sector. From Opensea to the NFT platforms of Tezos, Binance and Solana, you will find what you are looking for. Finally, this podcast is also a way to listen to the NFT artists themselves, among whom is Pascal Boyart, a true pioneer in cryptonative art and NFT!

2 – NFT Business, Claudia Loma and Benjamin Putin Spark

All in the name of this podcast, which aims to answer questions asked by businesses and entrepreneurs who want to explore the business development potential that has been enabled by NFTs and the broader Web 3.0 ecosystem. Hosted by Claudia Loma and Benjamin Putin Spark, both coaches and speakers on the new challenges of Web3, this podcast strikes the right balance by engaging experts in the field while tackling topics in a simple way so that the message is also clear for both beginners and more experienced. Launched at the beginning of 2022, NFT Business has already brought together many Web3 artisans, such as Thibault Launey, CEO of Exclusible; Owen Simonin, better known by the French nickname Hashur cipher, influencer and businessman; Matthew Quinault, On Legal Questions for Free Trade Unions; Or even Karen Goff, CEO of Doors3 about Web3.0 applied in the sports world.

3 – WAGMI, Carol Stromboni and Thomas Germond’s podcast

In third place we found a podcast to catch up on NFT news every week with Carol Stromboni, author and lecturer from HEC, and Thomas Germond, founder of Procast and Thr333. Launched in March 2022, the podcast is called WAGMI Podcast for We will all do it (In French “we’ll all get there”). Episodes allow you to go back to the basics of the NFTs before jumping into the weekly highlights of Planet NFTs. From the Azuki groups, BAYC and Coolcats to the NFT platforms Coinbase, Tezos and more, this is the opportunity to not miss anything that happens within the NFT ecosystem.

4 – The Art of NFT, Benjamin Putin Spark and Lucy-Eleanor Riveron

In fourth place is Benjamin Boutin-Spark, the recognized NFT coach and artist who hosts the podcast called Art of NFT. It is along with Lucie-Eléonore Riveron, CEO of Fauve Paris, the famous Parisian auction house who also made headlines a few weeks ago by being the co-founder and spokesperson for the NFT Factory, an initiative in which we find 51 leading Web3 pioneers meeting at a venue Unique for innovation in the heart of the capital. Started in July 2021, this podcast discusses the main elements of NFT groups: the importance of society and the cultural revolution. It includes artists who are using NFTs and new digital media to create this new art movement that is emerging before our very eyes.

5- The Martingale and Do it yourself Generation, Matthieu Stefani

At number five in this NFT podcast ranking are two general podcasts called Generation Do It Yourself (GDIY) and Martingale that talk not just about NFT, but in general, about investing and entrepreneurship. On top of these two well-known podcasts is Matthew Stephanie who has made a name for himself for over ten years now in the digital world. He heads the innovation agency Cosa Vostra, which supports companies in their digital strategies. as it becameInitiativeSuccessful and become known to the largest number of these inspiring podcasts welcoming the best in their fields. In this context, he has notably produced several episodes with major players in the crypto world who return with him to their Web3 adventure. He has especially produced great podcasts with French Unicorn Ledger co-founder Eric Larchevik, Jean-Michel Bellon on the issue of technical NFTs, Pierre Morizot on cryptography and tax or even Eric Raven from the Cardashift Crypto Project.!

Conclusion: Podcasts Too Rich to Fit in NFT!

We hope this list (not exhaustive!) has been helpful for you to learn more about NFTs. From their news to the commercial and technical possibilities they unlock, a real new world and new markets are emerging thanks to the digital innovations we experience. So we advise you to take a look at these different podcasts during your morning jog for the more athletic among us, during the long work evenings for those who want to stay up late, or even accompany you in your session. Arrangement and weekend cleaning. In short, wherever you want since finally, this is the full advantage of this audio medium that can be listened to almost everywhere! Finally, remember that this list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to share your favorite podcast with us on the topics of cryptography, NFT, and the metaverse!

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