Here are some tips to double your mobile internet connection speed by 2

Connecting to the mobile internet is now a given. In fact, there are not many mobile phone plans that do not offer customers a complete package of 4G Internet access. Whether it is unlimited or includes a certain number of gigabytes, however, the speed of your mobile Internet connection does not always depend on the operator. This may depend on the networks you are connected to. Especially if you choose wifi instead of 4G. However, loss of productivity speed is a common but less likely and less likely problem. Objeko So he invites you to discover some tips to increase the speed of your mobile Internet connection. Advice is given in detail in the columns of our colleagues at Health Plus Mag. You can say goodbye to slow internet and outages!

Mobile Internet connection problems are not inevitable

This is really good news to know that solutions exist. And if they are, it means that you are not alone in facing this kind of inconvenience. In fact, for the Internet community to take the time to list tips for increasing the speed of your mobile Internet connection, it is because it is a recurring problem. Fortunately, this is also an issue that will be history after reading this article. Especially if, as in a video FrandroidI’ve thought about emptying your stashes, and that doesn’t change anything.

Our colleagues at Health Plus MagThis is a problem that can happen anywhere. So, to avoid meeting him, the first advice is necessary. Choose your network carefully. So, if you are connected to 4G, consider deactivating the wifi of your mobile phone. And if you use wifi, do the same with 4G (or data exchange depending on the device). In addition, if you prefer wifi to connect to the Internet, then pay attention to the various registered networks.

In fact, one of the reasons that can slow down your speed is the failed attempts to connect from your mobile phone to inaccessible wifi networks and save them as favorites or priorities. To make it disappear from the list, it will be necessary to find the action “Forget this network” in the list of available options. Once this is done, you will most likely notice a noticeable improvement in the speed of your mobile internet connection. But rest assured, if any inconvenience persists despite these first tips, Objeko We can give you other effective solutions.

Smart tips to improve productivity

Always according to our colleagues from the magazine Health Plus MagA process as simple as pie will improve the speed of your mobile internet connection. It may seem counterintuitive, Objeko I give it to you. Finally, it consists of unplugging and reconnecting the router, as at home. But instead of turning the phone off and on again, just switch it to Airplane mode for a few moments. Like when troubleshooters step into the home internet box, they say wait about thirty seconds before restarting the devices. Thus, switching your mobile phone to Airplane mode for a few seconds, before deactivating Airplane Mode, will restore a new and more efficient internet connection.

Finally, if this trick doesn’t work, all you have to do is be economical with your speed. To improve your mobile internet connection, it is therefore advisable to close all the applications that you do not need at the moment T. Instead of switching between several applications at the same time, save your strength and the power of your mobile phone. Prioritize accessing one app at a time, and take some time to close the app you’re done using before opening another one. But beware, some apps run in the background whether you’re already using them or not. Especially those that require internet access to use the geolocation system.

As you understand, to improve the speed of your mobile Internet connection, there are all kinds of technical tricks. But if none of them solve your problems, it’s time to make bigger changes. Contact your operator if it is wifi. Or your mobile operator if your 4G. In any case, solutions can take the place of these smart tips.

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