Here are our connected solutions to improve your nights

Good sleep is not within everyone’s reach. But if you sleep a little, here are the best connected things and apps that can help you join the kingdom of Morpheus.

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, whether in our bed or elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, the world of technology has taken a keen interest in sleep and thus produces a number of accessories and software that help us sleep well, or at least sleep better.

Even Google is using the new Nest Hub’s camera and microphones to rate the quality of your sleep (in a somewhat voyeuristic way). So we’ve done some sorting through this broad and often eye-catching view of the best connected objects to improve your sleep.

The vast majority of smart bracelets and watches also offer sleep tracking. Feel free to read our picks if it’s this job that interests you primarily.

Know your sleep to sleep well

Withings sleep analyzer

Not all sleep trackers come as a wristband only. If you don’t want to bother with this type of device, Withings is available to you with its own sleep analyzer that clips between the bed base and the mattress. Power is supplied via a 3-meter USB cable, so be sure to have a socket close at hand.

The best connected things and apps to sleep well

Once installed under your mattress, the sleep analyzer can be forgotten and produces a daily report on the duration and quality of sleep. More of our moose follow up on sleep apnea and snoring. As a bonus, the Withings app is a model for clarity.

A complete connected object and more fun to use than a classic bracelet, but too expensive for being less versatile. Note that this sensor only measures one person, and if your spouse wants to track it, it will take a second. This is an excellent connected product for understanding your sleep.

Best connected bracelets for sleep

8 / 10

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

  • low price
  • sleep quality tracking
  • good autonomy

Available at 19 euros on Amazon

Inexpensive and easy to use activity bracelets are a good way to track your sleep without breaking the bank. Mi Smart Band 5 is no longer so small, but it remains a reference for us thanks to the ergonomic design and above all the low price.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 color
Several colors are available for Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 // Source: Xiaomi

In addition to dozens of sports activities, the small bracelet is able to detect the different stages of sleep. We also really appreciate the ability to disable the auto ignition at certain times. It is ideal for those who tend to wake up easily from the light. The autonomy of nearly two weeks is very strong.

The Mi Fit app, available on Android and iOS, will allow you to find all the data after your sessions, as well as monitor your sleep and stress level. Rare: It also monitors your menstrual cycle and ovulation periods.

So here Xiaomi gives us a simple yet effective bracelet. We tell you more in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 test.

8 / 10

Fitbit Versa 2

  • Versatile and versatile
  • Excellent sleep tracking
  • Smart wake-up function

Available at 179 euros on Fnac

If you want the best at wrist tracking, you will have to switch to a real connected watch. Among the latter, it was Fitbit’s Versa 2 that caught our eye.

Not only is it relatively thin, it’s a point if you can’t get up with something that bites your wrist, but above all it offers up to 6 days of battery life. So you don’t have to worry about charging it nearly every day like your Apple Watch.

Notifications on Fitbit Versa 2
Notifications on Fitbit Versa 2

The tracking that FitBit provides is quite accurate, with well-defined phases, but it also parallels your heart rate. Among the original functions is an alarm clock that adjusts according to the phases of sleep. You enter your target wake-up time and the watch will attempt to wake you up in REM sleep to reduce your head painting when you wake up. Perfect accessory to help you sleep well.

Obviously we find all the classic sports watch functions. Note that the Fitbit Sense is also available and adds GPS and electrocardiograms. However, it’s almost twice sold out, it’s up to you to see if the game is worth it.

The best things related to sleep

Terraillon Homni: The Supercharged Awakening

Terraillon is known for its scale, and they’ve been offering things connected for a few years that’s supposed to promote sleep. The Homni is the most advanced and comes as a smart bedside lamp.

Practically speaking, we are in the presence of the integration of an alarm clock, a night light and a white noise generator, all connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone. An optional sensor that attaches to the pillow provides sleep monitoring.

The best connected things and apps to sleep well

The combination is rather compelling, with the sound and light programs aimed at helping you unwind before bed. As for the alarm, we will also have the right to a combination of light and sound for more softness. Once you reach your bed, all you have to do is sleep.

If the software part is less advanced than, say, the FitBit part, the whole might be of interest to those who want an all-in-one solution.

Bose Sleepbuds II: Sound all night long

Known for its excellent audio products, Bose tried its hand at sleep in 2018 with its Sleepbuds, Bluetooth headphones that provide comfortable sound loops to listen to all night long.

The best connected things and apps to sleep well

This second version is more comfortable than the previous one thanks to its particularly compact size. On the other hand, being held all night long can be a concern. Your servant usually loses one or two in his sleep. And if you’re not in the mood for active noise reduction, the insulation is particularly effective and masks a good portion of the ambient noise for better sleep.

There are still fundamental concerns: if the suggested rings are of high quality, we still won’t be able to customize them or even use the Sleepbuds as simple headphones. Well finished product, but also very expensive…

Best apps for good sleep

Meditation apps to fall asleep quickly

Relaxing is always a good thing to fall asleep quickly and benefit from a restful sleep. Meditation is a good way to achieve this goal. And while meditation clearly did not wait for the technology to arrive to practice it, there are applications for achieving mindfulness.

Petit Bambou is the benchmark for brokerage apps in France. With a very subtle design, it revolves around ten minute sessions that combine relaxing music and sounds. The app itself is free and nine sessions are offered. Beyond that, it will cost you 42 euros every six months.

Are you a beginner? Namatata is here for you. It is believed that to make it easier to start a meditation, this app does its best to help you learn the basics effectively. They also offer several specialized sessions to support you through tough times. The first seven days are free and the next six months €39.

ASMR apps

If you don’t want to invest in hardware, some ASMR apps can be helpful for relaxation and sleep. We’ve picked two for you here, but take a look at our most comprehensive collection of ASMR apps.

Requiring a subscription, Tingles is a very clean app that offers a large list of sounds. Job ” bed time » Turns off after a programmed time.

Not always easy to use, ASMR Calm Relax Sleep has the great taste of being free. In addition to offering a range of sounds, it allows you to mix them to create a background sound to your liking.

Flight mode

They are some inconveniences, but the best way to have a good night’s sleep is to not be disturbed. God knows how tempting it can be to open your eyes again to check or verify this last noticedomschoolInstagram to death (and we won’t even mention Tik Tok).

To ensure a peaceful sleep, abuse sleep mode on iOS and bedtime mode on Android. Personally, I use the nuclear option by sticking my phone in airplane mode when I go to bed. And if the temptation is too strong: Put your phone away from the bed. I promise, it works very well!

Some tips for sleeping

Why not sleep near your smartphone?

It is recommended not to consult your smartphone before bed for several reasons. Firstly because the screen in question generates blue light, which stimulates your body with the same effects as caffeine. So it is best to leave it aside before you sleep at night. Be careful not to leave him too close to your bed as you may be tempted to consult with him. If no scientific study has reported the danger of waves, it is also best not to put your phone under a pillow.

What do I do if I can’t sleep?

First of all, do not lose patience. Even if you can’t sleep, work on your breathing. Feel free to read a book, newspaper, or magazine that helps you close your eyes. Be careful not to eat too many fatty foods before bed, as digestion can also be one of the causes of poor sleep.

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