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Posted on April 28, 2022 by Martin Dumont

An initiative of the Laurentian Community Development Assistance Corporation (SADC), Entreprendre son financement is a podcast series intended to inform and equip entrepreneurs who want to obtain funding to start their businesses or grow their businesses.

Jean-Sebastien Roy, Director of Business Services at SADC des Laurentides and contributor to the funding of the podcast Son Entreprendre.  (Photo: Courtesy)

Jean-Sebastien Roy, Director of Business Services at SADC des Laurentides and contributor to the funding of the podcast Son Entreprendre. (Photo: Courtesy)

In the minds of a lot of people, the word ‘finance’ wrongly conjures up personal debt, and a financial burden, and that’s scary. […] Our primary goal is to get people to view the financing stage as a lever for business by demystifying all business processes,” says Jean-Sebastien Roy, Director of Business Services at SADC des Laurentides.


“Entrepreneurs need to understand how the people who fund the business think. […] The process is not the same for a personal mortgage as many people see it […] It is not necessarily about how much one can get by offering guarantees, it is more about proving why I need the funding and how far that will allow me to go,” explains Mr. Roy.

The podcast is divided into four episodes that provide an overview of the different stages of business financing. “We first see when to seek funding, who to turn to for funds, how to act after a rejection and what business relationship is best to maintain with financial partners,” explains Jean-Sebastien Roy.

Exchange of experiences

In order to provide a picture of the ecosystem that supports businesses in the territory, SADC des Laurentides has summoned consultants from four organizations who share their experiences. Among the specialists involved in the project, we note Jean-Sebastien Roy (SADC des Laurentides), Annie Mathieu (MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut), Alexandre La Pointe (Corporation de développement économique de la MRC des Laurentides) and Kelly Lynch ( Desjardins Enterprises).

In each episode, a businessman from the region is invited to tell us about his experience in terms of financing his business. “We are talking about the basics here, language 101 that allows everyone, even if they have no experience, to clearly understand what finance consists of,” says Mr. Roy. Thus, Jessica Trotier (Tissus du Nord), Étienne Avon (Camping du Domaine Lausanne), Jonathan Jerónimo (Ski LAB Tremblant) and Johann Martineau (Merci la vie) will be browsing in different episodes to share their experience at different stages of the process.

Accessible help

According to Mr. Roy, a podcast is a more accessible format than a blog or written document, because it can be consumed almost anywhere. “We had to get into the void of this project, because it was the first of its kind […] But we surround ourselves with competent people to deliver quality content in a format that people will appreciate […] “We are very proud of the end result,” Jean-Sebastien Roy recalls.

All episodes of the Entreprendre son financement podcast are available for free on major listening platforms such as Spotify and the Apple Store, as well as on the SADC des Laurentides website www.sadc-laurentides.org/balados

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